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  1. Christmas tree

    I know that most of you probably have put your Christmas trees up right after TG, but I just finished decorating mine. I put up 2 trees each year since I have a 2 story home and our family room is up stairs. I put the big 7 1/2 feet in the formal living room along with the bulk of my decorations and then I have a 4 foot tree that I put upstairs so that we can enjoy it when we spend time as a family. So, how about the rest of you? What kind of tree do you have? How many do you decorate? Do you like to decorate?

  2. We haven't put ours up yet and won't be for a few more weeks. And one tree is enough for us lol.
  3. Hey Laura.... Mines been up since the 17th cause people seem to start right after the Santa Clause Parade and my neibour started it with lights out side so a warm day last week was my opportunity and I have an out doors tree that I put light on and then have an enclosed porch so I have a decorated one there .... small. Am going to my brother's on the Dec. 22nd so still want to decorate here... even if it's just me and the cats. Actually I have the one night.

    I have to put the tree in the porch area cause when I had it in the house the cats pull it down.... Too many times I would hear this crashing noise in the middle of the night and sure enough the tree was down.
  4. [​IMG]

    I hope we get ours up this week!!!
  5. Funny, I would have thought you of all people already have your tree up!;)

  6. Yikes!:eek::D
  7. Ours came out of a box with the lights already on it. It is about three and a half feet tall and mostly got put up because of my grandson.
  8. We have 4 young cats in the house. We put our tree up last Friday, and yesterday we went and got some anti-cat spray from Petsmart(aren't they on the naughty list? no one else around here sells it) so the tree would stay verticle. So far, no more broken ornaments on the floor, and I haven't seen a cat go near it. If you want, I'll get the name brand for you so you can bring your tree back inside. :D
  9. Laura, we've all had the flu....we didn't have Thanksgiving til yesterday!:(

    I wish you had pictures!
  10. That stuff works? Please forward the name as my wife only has a few of her nice glass ornaments left!
  11. 2 years ago one of our kittens climbed our tree and got her leg tangled in the string of lights.
    The more we tried to free her the tighter it got.
    She was screaming like a baby!
    We had to cut the lights to get her free!

  12. We'll go cut ours down on the second. It'll get decorated on the 8th.

    Why the time delay?

    The 1st is my sons 13th birthday party. His actual birthday is the 5th, and all of the other days are Christmas practice days.

    My daughter has ballet on Monday, I have to be at the church for our Christmas production dress rehearsals on Tuesday, and Thursday. Friday night is opening night, Saturday is a matinee, and Sunday is an additional matinee. So IF we plan on having it up before Christmas, we have to do it on Saturday night...the next weekend is just as maddening...
  13. This will be the first year in many that we will actually have a tree. We do not celebrate as those who have denominational ties do. But we decided this year to try to get back to our traditional roots from pre World War One Czechoslovakia and Bohemia and decorate a tree just for a couple days using the antique 1860's vintage ornaments that have been in storage for countless decades. We even put out our 140 year old Nativity figures in late September for our celebration at that time.
  14. Pastor Gary

    You have to take pictures of it so you can show us ..... Please.
  15. i realise now why an angel should not go on top of a free but a star.:)

  16. It's ok , I'll just leave it there and all the neibours can enjoy it. They have already said they like it there. I don't mind ... I have a little one inside. Thanks anyways.

    One cat already broke my snow man that has a candle in it . Fortunately the candle was not lit.

  17. I'll bite Michael .... Why ?
  18. Dusty; Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide a photo of the tree and antique ornaments in late December (PM to follow), but I do have a shot of the 1860's vintage Nativity figures from September. The photo only shows about half the figures. These figures are approximately 5 inches high and I couldn't get all of them in the shot.

    This was set up on a wooden platform with a set of blinds as the background. I used a digital imaging software program to actually insert a hand drawn Middle East desert and sand background onto that set of blinds and this was the final result...
  19. Beautiful Pastor Gary.... Thanks for sharing.

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