Christmas is a pagan holiday...

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  1. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but that is a lot of nonsense.
    Christmas (Christ Mass) is the celebration of the birth of Our Savior. Whatever the pagans may have done 2000 years ago at the same time of year has no bearing on this. That it may not be the actual day is also pointless.

    Easter (or Pascha) is the celebration of the Resurrection of Our Savior. That the Venerable Bede made an off hand comment that said that 'easter' was somehow derived from 'eostre' is meaningless. His guesses are of no more value than my or your guesses.

    You have been misled. Take much of what you find on the net with a grain of salt.
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  2. I will do just as the shepherds done in Luke 2 : 1-20. I will celebrate, and give praise and glory to the Lord on his birthday. Come Easter, I will celebrate the life, death and resurrection of my Savior, Jesus Christ.
  3. I really believe in this, especially since I have heard it before, but from other sources.
  4. How much does it matter that Christmas is on the same day as a pagan feast. Are you gonna change the names of the days and the month too. They have also references to gods we don't follow. By not celebrating it you don't change anything. If you celebrate these days you can show people the real reason for celebration. Of course I have family over with Christmas, but I can also tell people I go to church first for the real celebration.
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  5. If enough research is done you will probably find that everyday was some sort of a pagan celebration of some sort.

    I know that I don't celebrate what the pagans did millennia ago on these days. I celebrate my Lord and Savior on these days.
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  6. I might stop celebrating Christmas though. It isn't even fun anymore.
  7. If you feel that is what God is calling you to do, then by all means, do it. Just remember, this is what God may be calling YOU to do. Too many people hear God calling them to do something and make the mistake of then turning around and telling everyone that they must do the same.
  8. I'm under my parents, though.
  9. The celebration of Christmas proper is the celebration of Christ's birth. Either we offer it its due respect and celebration (why would we not celebrate God's gift of Himself) or we ignore it out of paranoia.

    Easter originated as a pagan holiday celebrating Oester, the moon goddess, but the holiday has been Christianized by removing what was never a real celebration (since Oester is false) and establishing what is always should have been -- the celebration of Christ's gift of salvation for mankind. Like Christmas, celebrate it because, well, why would we not when this is the most important reason for celebration, or we ignore it out of paranoia but leave Christ un-adored.

    I'm not trying to pin this on you, Juk, but to not celebrate these holidays is like someone saying "I don't want to worship God because I shouldn't worship idols, and so better safe than sorry."
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  10. You can believe in it all you want, that does not make it TRUE.
  11. I don't mind if the pagan holidays were a determining factor in the scheduling of Christmas and the Resurrection. Just goes to show the power of Christ, able to transform and bring to naught these earth worshiping festivities and relegate them to historical insignificance. Just as He is able to transform you and me, and toss our old self in to the ash heap.
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    Hey Juk, I've been thinking about these things as well (on another ongoing thread here); I'll just carry over some of my thoughts:

    I'll ask you another question in response: if we can see that God has decided to use things like Easter and Christmas to do His work here on the world, will we still be willing to think of them as sinful?

    I'll let that sit with you for a while, as we consider the story of Joseph. If you remember, Joseph was sold by his brothers into slavery in Egypt. In the end, though, Joseph was given a position of leadership in Egypt to store up food and ration it out in an upcoming famine. Here's what Joseph says about it to his brothers: "You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives" Genesis 50:20. No one would ever look at the work God was doing in Egypt to save lives and say, "We can't have anything to do with that, it comes from a plan to sell someone into slavery, and slavery is wrong."

    So I don't think it's about whether or not we "should celebrate" those days exactly, but whether or not we will decide to participate in the work God's chosen to do through those traditions. Whatever harm people intended, what good does God now intend to accomplish through them? Isn't there a "saving of many lives" being done through the message we as Christians teach on these days? And if so, maybe we can just let God use whatever He chooses to use to do His work?
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  13. Juk, as others have said we celebrate Jesus everyday. Please understand that what you and those on those links have decided to to pick a day that you will not celebrate the cross or resurrection.

    When you are married one-day with a family you will appreciate Christmas time more. Churches organizing plays of Jesus in a manger and such are an excellent means of making your children aware of Him.
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  14. Google 2015 Pagan/Wiccan Calendar and just about every day of the year is listed as some sort of pagan day.
    Well the 'wind moon' falls within the Passover, do you really want to celebrate that?
    Ask yourself what has paganism got to do with the Lord of Lords and King of Kings?
    Man I tell you there is so much false teaching flooding young minds these days it is truly sickening.

  15. God said to celebrate the Passover...
  16. Exactly! and the fact that there is a pagan day at the same time is not to influence our worship of the Lord.
    Easter coincides with Passover, yet there are many who decry it as pagan...see my point?
    Same goes for Christmas, pagans follow their ways of darkness and Christians follow the light of Christ always.
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  17. To be honest, I believe calling Christmas a pagan holiday is to call Christ Jesus a pagan god.
    You really need to think carefully about this.
    You really need to seek out just exactly how you are honoring Christ (on His terms, not your terms), by calling everything done in His name, pagan.........think about it.
  18. Well, don't we re-enact the passover with Jesus everytime we take the Lord's supper..(communion?)
    I don't see the problem. I guess you can ask your church to celebrate with you in the traditional Jewish manner with Seder and all the trimmings but it's not necessary. Do you have a hebrew background? If not I guess it won't have all that personal meaning for you as your family/ancestors didn't participate in the exodus..but I suppose if we ARE grafted in, that history does become our history..but as we under grace and Jesus new covenant sabbath days and feasts etc are not a requirement.

    As for christmas and easter you can choose to partake or not, up to you, if you do, just ignore the pagan rituals and celebrate the day in the Spirit of Christ.
    Are you SDA or something..they come down hard on holidays..and JWS don't celebrate at all..and claim they are christian. So, just be a bit careful there cos if you say you don't you get lumped in with the legalistic camp trying to force others your personal conviction.
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  19. Well said.

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