ChristianVolume's First Commercial! Tell me what you think? lol

Discussion in 'Christian Videos' started by christianvolume, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. It won't play for me :(
  2. We had an attack on our Server Yesterday :(
    Maybe try again if you like, should be working :)
  3. Oh No! I hope everything is ok now. I still can't get it to work for me :(
  4. Yes, everything is Fine now. Thanks for asking. That is weird that it is still not working though. Are you clicking on the link and going to the page that has the player? These forums only allow embedded videos from youtube and not smaller sites like mine. Sorry for the inconvenience
  5. It was slow for me yesterday but it works now:,-forums

    I was able to see it Ryan. It's funny. You must have paid a lot to get those actors work for you. :D
  6. Oh ya, cost me a Fortune!!!! lol :D
  7. I'm sorry, but to be honest I am not impressed. Since I don't know you or your website, I have to guess that it's not a joke, it's meant to really let people know about your site, which it does, but it doesn't give a good impression of your site (without having been there and gotten to know it)

    With modern day, free software you can overlay real voices with the characters and say the same thing and then it would be a good video.. with the computer voices it's not. Sorry.

  8. Hello Jamie,
    Thanks for your honesty. Its the same software and characters used for the new geico commercials. Its meant not to look expensive or impressive really. Its to be funny and hopefully go viral. So far this was the only negative response through any of our outlets (facebook,cv,youtube, other forums etc.) But I do appreciate the reply. I took a look at your site and it looks great. Keep up the great work. Ttyl

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