ChristianTVSite - YouTube alternative for Christians

Discussion in 'Books, Music and Television' started by Jeffin, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. ChristianTVSite - YouTube alternative for Christians

    I just launched a Christian YouTube like site: Christian TV Site ::
    Check it out and start sharing your videos. I'll develop it depending on how popular it gets. :)
  2. yes i think we have needed this for a long time.:)
  3. Very nice! Wish I had some videos to add to it.
  4. have you seen that video with the cranes trying to pull a car out of the sea.wonder if you could put your own commentry on this.?
  5. Where can we get videos from to put there?
  6. You can create your own or share those Christian video clips from your hard disk or may be download from Youtube and share them. :D
    There are not many Christian alternatives. Godtube is a very good one though. This can be a really good site if I develop it. Just need more people to join in and start using it.
  7. Great work Bro Jeff!

    We need Christianradiosite next :p
  8. I uploaded a video but it's not working.
    I also tried to put my face there 4 times and an error came up and said they wouldn't work because they might contain porn.
    Do I need a hat? :D
  9. What plugin do I need?
  10. violet you don,t need a hat your hair looks good,:D
  11. The video I uploaded isn't working,why?

    I have every plugin there is!

    I can't seem to find how to edit my profile!


  12. You're very sweet, Michael~ :)
  13. How blonde can I be?

    Where do I log in?

    How do I access my channel to edit?

  14. Violet, what was the format of the file you were uploading? I'll check anyway.
  15. I embedded it from YouTube.
    Called Redeemer

    I accidently made 2 channels and I need to get rid of one....

    Where do I log in?
  16. I'll delete the channels. The embedding feature is faulty, I'll be removing that soon. :eek:
  17. 'Cor, Can't get the staff these days! :D
  18. It may not be far off. :D:p

    I feel guilty sometimes when I don't respond to emails on time.
  19. Theres no need to feel guilty Brother!

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