Christians4Nature: Christian Nature Forum & Website

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  1. Christians4Nature: Christian Nature Forum & Website

    The official website:
    This is the NEW and BETTER more reliable site...
    Christians4Nature Website
    The official forum:
    Christians 4 Nature Forums - Home [more updates and forums coming soon]

    These are my Christian nature forums/websites. They are all nature-friendly and loving and everyone who comes there should love animals and nature and enjoy them thoroughly.

    I am currently the only member at the forum, my username is Breathless! :)

    Anyone is welcome to sign up as it is free and the forum is pretty easy to use. I am updating both sites now. Any suggestions or friendly, constructive comments are welcome.

    Thanks y'all

  2. It looks like a nice start Near!
  3. Thanks, B.

    I am currently trying to figure out what I might add to my Christian website. I would like to add like an updates section or something like a Q/A (anything along that line!) but I would need lots of participants.

    I will get more ideas along the way. ;)
  4. How interesting. Hope it becomes something great.
  5. Heh, me too. ;)


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