Christians Who Don't Seem To Care

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    This could be directed to any Christian who doesn't seem to really care about their faith yet claims they're a Christian, but i'm going to focus specifically on my mom because she is the one i'm having trouble with. Ok so my mom is a really nice person, but it seems like she has no interest in her faith. She says she has been a Christian since she was born (don't get me started on that, because I don't understand how she can say that either) and yet she has read like none of the bible. I've tried suggesting to her to read the bible instead of watching the bachelor for example, but she just says "I know, I know" and then watches the bachelor. Before I became a Christian about 5 months ago, she didn't even go to church. She never talked to me about Christianity when I was unsaved and whenever I asked her about something she never had an answer. She married my dad who is a non-christian and they got divorced when I was a kid. I just don't get it. When I talk to her about a Christian topic or show her a Christian song she seems uninterested, it all doesn't make sense. She doesn't seem completely out of it because sometimes she will pick up a Christian book or watch a christian video/sermon, but idk. Has anyone had to deal with someone like this? I feel like i've told her a million times "why don't you read the bible right now" when she isn't doing anything, or when one of her secular shows comes on, I don't want to be annoying. idk what to do.
  2. I forgot to rename this thread, I was writing the thread but then I changed the topic slightly as I was writing, so the title doesn't really match. It should just say something like "Christians who don't seem to care".
  3. It just sounds to me like the kind of Christian she was, she lost interest in being. But I am quite sure it wasn't the born again variety you belong to now, she was probably something pretty moderate.
  4. God is Love, if you don't mind, as a mother of a daughter and son, I would like to answer you from a "living in the trenches" point of view. Sometimes, it takes awhile for parents to recognize that their children are adults with very good, logical, relevant opinions. Although I tried to rear my children with progressive freedoms, and I tried to recognize their wisdom and opinions, there came a time when I still had step back and acknowledge that while I had double their experience and education at some point, they had some better ideas and more wisdom in many areas. While the Bible warns strongly about going to young persons for advice, rather seeking wisdom from older persons (not even peers), there are times when we older persons have to recognize the wisdom in the young. Furthermore, as I age, because I am aging, the more I find myself seeking out my children's opinions.

    That being written, I fear you have possibly become overbearing in your persistence that she read the Bible, or do other religions acts, on your timing. Is this possible? Maybe she doesn't want to listen to a particular sermon just because you are. Maybe she doesn't feel like reading the Bible at the time you suggest she ought to. Maybe she has not reached that point at which she trusts your new beliefs. Don't forget: you are very young in the L-rd!

    I strongly dislike a lot of preachers, and I find the teachings of many to be very faulty.

    Oh, honey. That's a problem! You and I know you haven't told her this a million times, but this indicates that you have been very persistent! Back off, for good night!! And that "right now" thang. What is That??

    Don't try to control her. And especially don't try to be H Spirit to her! He has His job, and you have yours. His is to lead, teach, convict, bring to mind, etc. Yours is to be kind, thoughtful, and praying. And sometimes to be silent. Okay?
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  5. It sounds to me she's a "1,2,3, pray after me" Christian - having faith in the prayer but not in the One she prayed to, so nothing happened. To me she's not really a Christian by her fruits. A lot of people see Christianity as an inheritance or an investment, that is, their parents were Christians or they attended Sunday School as kids, having never understanding salvation, or its need, so they claim "Christianity" as theirs but only in the way one claims Washington as the President but never having met him. In the lowest part of my life I wanted so bad to leave God and everything about Him, but I just couldn't. I just had this uncontrollable desire pulling me back to Him. I can't speak for others, but that's been my experience.
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  6. I will always be grateful to my mother for instilling the love of God in me. I read your post when you first put it up. Dunno if I can be any help. But we all know forcing the acceptance of God rarely works. My only idea for you is to invite fellow christians into your home and talk about God. Let her join in if she wants. Try to show her in gentle ways, how the glory of God is reflecting in her life. Try talking to her about yourself, problems, successes and slide itt in how God has helped. Talk - don't push.
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  7. When we really care about someone we always end up getting the cart before the horse.

    Only the Holy Spirit can plant the seed of Jesus. You need to help Him till the soil around her heart. Instead of saying ''go to church'', rather tell her about how Jesus helped you today.

    The good and relevant news for you is that since you are her are likely the first person God wants to use to reach her. If you are not walking on His path, He is waiting to show you it.
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  8. "While the Bible warns strongly about going to young persons for advice" When does the bible say that? So was Jesus not to be taken seriously by the elders? He was considered young to some. Was anyone older than the prophets suppose to disregard them? If a young person gives good advice is it suppose to be cast aside because of age? I know if someone younger than me gave me good advice I wouldn't not take the advice because of their age. Are you sure you aren't letting pride cloud your judgement?
  9. Wow, @God is Love! You must be really hurting, to write such a note back to me, because you must be in such pain that you did not read what I wrote. You stopped short.

    You are being loved and encouraged by the writers in your thread! Please take that, and read what the writers are saying to you with an open heart. Okay?

    And I don't remember what that Scripture is, so in the meantime, I will try to remember and tell you.

    You are loved, young man. What a heart for both your mother and G-d you must have! Let it develop in kindness.
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  10. Yea...maybe Mom needs to see some fruit and not just words?
  11. I tried to copy the Scripture here for you, @God is Love, but it did not copy correctly. Here it is:
    1 Kings 12:1-8a. Rehoboam consults the elders, but R rejects their counsel.
    1 Kings 12:8-11. Rehoboam consults his peers, the young men who grew up with him.
    1 Kings 12:12-14. The people of many ages and political power came to Rehoboam, but he did what his peers said, rather than listening to either the elders of the others.
    1 Kings 12:15-21.
    1 Kings 12:22, ff. The L-rd Himself sent advice to Rehoboam through Shemaiah, the man of G-d.
    You can read on, to see the disaster that came upon the land because of Rehoboam's rebellion, repeated in 2 Chronicles 10, 11, 12, where the Scriptures say specifically that he rejected G-d in his decisions. Because of this, there were wars, and Jerusalem was sacked. 2 Chronicles 12:14 says that Rehoboam did evil, refusing the counsel of G-d, while the 15th verse says he was at war continuously, thus meaning the Land was continuously at war during his reign.

    These things are in the Bible for our benefit, @God is Love, to teach us His lessons.
  12. I think he is anxious for her soul. And I remember that when I was young and a new believer, I was so anxious about proving G-d in my life to others. For myself, being anxious, I carried way more burden for that than I should have. :)
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  13. I think your deep compassion for your mother positions you to possibly be her best intercessor

    Is it possible that whatever is bound in the natural is also bound in the spirit? Thus in the natural and in the spirit your love, sensitivity, knowledge, and awareness positions you logistically, spiritually and naturally to assist her in a spiritual breakthrough. Though she is her own ultimate persuader to choose, the Lord may be using you to spiritually influence her disposition unto faith regarding coming circumstances.
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  14. The vast majority of christians are such due to inertia, they started out that way and have not put any thought or effort into questioning or
    supporting their beliefs. Standard thought processes tend to be "why bother?, what difference does it make?, or the general "yeah, that's what I believe, sorta, kinda, whatever".

    From where I stand, cognitive dissonance and intellectual laziness seem to be the rule and not the exception.
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  15. Title changed.
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  16. I think God is Love, maybe the Lord may want to use you to bring salvation to your household.

    And maybe your mom had a bad church experience. ... but you were able to get her to go to church..thats amazing..

    Im sure God is working:)
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  17. Really Mitspa o_O

    remember no judging matt6

    We don't know the whole situation.
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  18. Like kingJ said only the HolySpirit changes don't feel bad if,you're doing what's right by sharing the word, helping her pray, dicussing the bible with her...and see no fruitation.

    We can only plant, God makes it grow,People grow in Him.

    So dont sweat...

    But you can try sharing what you allread together and discuss it, discuss what you don't get,how to put it into action.

    You can help your mom by teaching hsr how to pray...
    The list goes on...

    Good luck :)
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  19. She is not going to change until God softens her heart into being more receptive to the Holy Spirit.

    Here is my advice.

    Continue to love her with all your heart, pray that God softens her heart, if it be his will, and move on with your life.
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