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  1. Christians only

    Why is this forum open to only Christians, except for this one measly board? Why are you Christians so opposed to gaining different viewpoints or accepting other ways of life into these forums? Don't mistake this post for being angry or emotional; I'm being quite serious. I know there are forums in existence that deal with, say, Pokemon. Naturally, someone who disagrees with Pokemon--its entertainment value, or its view of the universe--would probably not join the forum. But I've yet to find a Pokemon forum that forbid non-Pokemon fanatics from joining.

    Granted, most Pokemon forums don't have special boards in which people debate the funness of Pokemon. So for a religion like Christianity, shouldn't there be a special effort to do so? If you guys think and know you are all absolutely correct in your view of the universe, then what is to fear? Isolating yourselves in a world of Christians-only will not make your arguments any more valid, or their arguments any less. So isolation is not the key. I implore you to reconsider this demand.

    If you're right, then you've got nothing to fear.
  2. Hi Jago. There are many boards for folks who want to argue and butt heads. This simply is not one of them. This is a place of refuge were Christians can talk, hang out, encourage each other, pray for each other and generally have a safe environment were their views will be respected as they share. I know of plenty of forums were believers and non believers interact- generally you will find plenty of arguing and dissing going on- that (again) is simply not what CFS is set up for. I hope that helps, if you want to talk their are plenty of nice folks here.:D
  3. Many reasons Jago,

    There are many who register here for the sole purpose of debating with us about religion which is not the purpose of our boards (See our mission below). Many post spam, jokes and unwanted things. It is not practically possible for the moderators or me to stay online and delete these things as soon as they appear. Hence the strict moderation and the change to Christians only forum. Our boards were once open but with fewer members (Christians and non-Christians) and it was still very difficult for me control the discussions.

    You can still post questions via the answers forum. :) There are also many other Christian boards where non-Christians are allowed to post openly.

  4. If you are a Christian, this site is amazing and very helpful and supportive.
    If you are thinking of becoming a christian this site is again amazing, helpful and supportive,
    If however you have no intent to become a christian but to push other religious belief, this site is useless to you..
    Praise GOD!!!:):groupray:
  5. We are not opposed to gaining different viewpoints. I love others opinions but I have seen to many times where people come to boards only to disrupt and cause confusion. As a staff member I would love to see more non-Christian people come here and discuss but because of past problems with those types coming only to argue, put us down, and criticize this has been made Christian-only. There are plenty of Christian forums out there that allow non-Christians into their forums.

    I used to be joined to this one Christian board that had a section for non-believers and Christians to discuss. I hated going there because people did all of this name-calling (you know, stupid, idiot, stuff like that...) but never any civil discussions. I eventually left that forum and came here.

    I understand. I think it is better you're serious than being emotional.

    To continue...that is a Pokemon forum you are talking about. No one forum is the same and how many Pokemon forums are out there? Probably hundreds of them. So, there might just be a Pokemon forum that, just maybe, allows only Pokemon fans to join.

    That is true. But, as I have said before, there are lots of Pokemon forums out there. So, there might be a few who do so.

    Who said we think and know we are absolutely correct? While this may be silly for some I rely on my faith not on my own absolute-correctness. And yeah, I know all the stuff about faith and all but, it is my choice. I don't wish to be arrogant in anyway because I learn something new about God everyday. This is His universe, not mine.

    And, there is nothing to fear. Jago, we only did the Christian-only community thing for the sake of creating a peaceful, loving, environment. We would have more boards for non-believers to participate but because some people just like to come and cause trouble it has been decided against.

    We are not doing any isolation. I most certainly am not one to isolate myself in a perfect little world. I study many other subjects other than Christianity, which includes science (and not that measly stuff :D), art, and many other subjects I would have to place in another post. I love history and that includes countries, of other religions, people, places, etc. I love science and astronomy, I love art, I have way to many books on horses, etc. So, I am obviously not isolating myself!

    And, this was not a demand in any way. The staff decided upon this and if you feel fit to, you can contact us or Jeff personally and we will explain to you all the reasons why this place has been made Christians-only.

    Because of the atmosphere many people comment on the peace and calmness of this place and how rowdy others are. CFS is about encouraging Christians, young and old in Christ. On other forums new Christians may battle with some of the questions asked from non-believers and steer them away from God. Here, they are able to grow in maturity because we nurture them and watch them completely. Christians who are mature in their faith will benefit from the calmness and the peace, since they are most likely looking for a peaceful area to fellowship without having offend ten people or have to stop an argument.

    That is what makes CFS so special is that we are a sanctuary for those in Christ. We are God's people. I love CFS because of these reasons:

    1. The members are kind, loving, and gentle. No one is here to criticize me or nit-pick at my faith.
    2. It is about Christ here instead of the "who's-info-is-better-than-who's-info?" mentality I have seen on to many other forums.
    3. The staff here are kind, understanding, and Christ-centered. They are chosen not because of some trife reasons but because they are eligible and well-suited for the job.
    4. There is something peaceful about this place. I often browse other forums and if you say one thing that doesn't sit well with them here come the raging lions. Not fun.
    5. You do not have to sit through endless, round-and-round discussions and debates that never end and no one ever completely comes to a conclusion to.
    6. You do not have to worry about someone coming here, bashing everyone and the staff don't do anything about it.
    7. There is no favoritism here or little cliques
    8. There are Christians from all across the world here
    9. Everyone loves each other, and most importantly - GOD.
  6. Hi there,

    Why do you want access? Why does it bother you that you don't have access? Maybe God is calling you, and you really want to be a Christian?

    Have you considered that being a Christian is not just a choice of a belief, like on an exam, where I choose a. because .... and give a list of theoretical reasons.

    Once I became a Christian my mind began a transformation, and my heart opened up to a new reality that just can't be understood by someone who is not a Christian.

    When I come to this forum, it is because I want support and encouragement. I do not want to be questioned by a non-believer about my belief system, or debated, except by another Christian who knows what it's like and who will help me with any debate or questioning. I do not want to reach out for help in a thread and have a non-believer begin asking me why? or what's that about? or insulting me. It's a distraction.

    Being a Christian means being given an intimate, life-determining, transformational identity, and a continual quest for integrity. I don't need someone sidetracking me, or sideswiping me when I am open and searching and struggling with being a Christian. It's not a debate to me, anymore, and I've no interest in debating it.

    If you are curious and have questions, this seems like a great place to ask them, here in this area. If you want to know what it is like being a Christian, if you want to know why we choose the way we do, or why we believe what we do, then give yourself to Christ. Ask Jesus what it means to be a Christian. Ask Him to come into your life and show you, because you really want to know. It's not for the faint of heart. It's not for the cowardly. You will learn more than you ever could have imagined and you will say over and over again to yourself and out loud that it is the best thing you have ever done. Until you are saying this and understanding Christianity in this way, you will not be able to give me the support I am looking for. That's why, to me, this forum respects our space and has areas for only Christians.

    Otherwise, like it's been said before, there are plenty of places to chat with Christians about things.

    And please don't compare being a Christian to liking Pokemon. Pokemon is just entertainment. I hope you ask Jesus to show you the difference. He's really the only one who can.

    With love,

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