Christians are the biggest hypocrites!

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  1. Christians are the biggest hypocrites!

    Recently in a christian chat room I ran into a fellow who was a ex-christians so to speak. He said that reason why he left the church was because of the people. I tottally agree with him "chruch people" will absolutley make you leave a church and come to the realization that there is no God. There are so many false prophets out in the world today it is disgusting. People come to church to sing and shout, but how many are really living the life? How many lights are really shinning for Jesus outside of Sunday Morning? For someone who has never experienced the true power of God it is so easily for them to become distracted by "church people" If you dont have the strength or know how to look to God what do you do?

    Praying is an obvious answer but is it the only answer?

    The bible says:

    Matthew 6:33
    But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

    How can you seek the kingdom of God if so many lost christians are blocking your view?

    Will Jesus reedem all those who have been lost along the way? I am just wondering how to approach this situation if it happens again.:jesus-cross:

    Someone has to hold up the Blood Stain Banner I might as well do it, there are too many out there hurting I want to be an effective witness.

    :jesus-sign: :dance:​
  2. Yes, SOME Christians are hypocrites, not all.
    I was one at one time.
    Because I felt so judged by others that I went out of my way to please the church members instead of God.

    It was my own fault but I was in a religion that based your salvation on petty, insignificant things.

    No matter how close YOU personally were to God, how much you loved him, that was not important, it seemed.
    But where a necklace or fingernail polish and you were snubbed and considered backslidden and unsaved.

    I always felt I was playing a role in the church instead of being who I really am and pleasing God before man.
    I have learned alot.
  3. Sometimes I feel as if I am still one.
  4. Why, Avlight? know I'm with you!
  5. I think we all can be sometimes... but we just have to ask for guidance along the way! I just dont get some christians who think they are perfect and that there world and surroundings are perfect. I was ready a certain members response once...and I forget what the topic was about...but i remeber the member replying..."I dont know anyone like that!!" I am sorry people are just weird and have secret lives..NO ONE is perfect here on earth!
  6. (1): In one realm of thought, the 'feeling' that one has to be perfect in front of other Christians because being imperfect is viewed as being less spiritual.

    (2): In another realm, the 'feeling' that one has to be perfect out in the world because of this 'stinking thinking' that if we fail to be perfect at the 'crunch time' of almost influencing change, then the world will view Christianity as being a dead religion, a fake religion, or a religion impossible to live out. Therefore after the fall, all the man-made efforts will have to be 'rebuilt' in order to break through. This is due to a mentality that is existent believing that some Christian will do something to the point that it will convince everyone to be saved and we live happily ever after........

    (3): In another realm, the 'thorn in the flesh' we can't seem to overcome
  7. The world knows that Christians ultimate goal is to be Christ-like, so the world will attack any Christian for any little fault it can. What really makes a Christian is the constant pursuit of Jesus Christ, to do the best we are able in this lifetime, until He makes us perfect (for real!) in the next.
  8. I personally cannot be a hypocrite for I agree 100% with the scripture that declares " in my flesh dwells no good thing"- I will only declare God's goodness and never exalt my own filthy rags-what does that make me?- a man trying to surrender and let God's Spirit move in and thru my life but no hypocrite- honesty about oneself and dependance on God prevents that from happening- but if someone claims one thing and does another that person would be better off with the rest of us who bring their problems to church-what better place to eventually get free- the problem is to many people with their eyes on other people expecting them to be something that they themselves cannot- let us fix our eyes on God the author and fount of all goodness- let us love and pray for one another as our Father commands then perhaps we won't see in others what we detest in ourselves. in His Name Larry
  9. Amen. Good word, Larry. Thank you for the testimony.
  10. Well, you know I have been there~
    It can stick with you too, can't it?

    We HAVE to love the Lord with all our hearts and then be the best 'us' we can be!
  11. Wow, these are great posts. I tend to agree with Larry's most, it certainly seems more Scripturally based.

    How to respond to hypocrisy?

    “…with all lowliness and gentleness, with longsuffering, bearing with one another in love, endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.†(Eph 4:2-3)

    You know, there are hypocrites at work, in the hospitals or at Wal-Mart, but it just does not seem to keep people form attending those places. I don’t mean this sarcastically. My point is, there are many people who use the hypocrite argument as just another excuse not to go to church.

    A funny:
    I heard a preacher say, “if you find the perfect church, don’t join it, because it want be perfect any more!â€

    Blessings in Christ,
  12. Amen brother- any excuse they can find- but the Lord Himself commands us to forsake not the assembling of the brethren and that is the church-
    we need each other ! Blessing and peace in His Name- Larry
  13. if church goers are not trying to do Gods word,then they should not be will only find evil there if it,s profitable to them.some force good people away ,rise above it.its not there church,it,s Gods house and if jesus came back tommorrow he would push a lot of them out.(they stand at the entrance without going in stopping others to enter)this is not new its always happened.dont be scared be true ,tell them if a thing is wrong.question them.
  14. I know this post to be all too true. I have been a Pastor for quite a few years now and I know that we are the biggest Hypocrites. I don't a Christian by where they are Sunday but how they act all the rest of the days of a week. We are our own walking testimonies.
    Pastor Rick
  15. Jesus actively sought the company of sinners sc-that is where His ministry was (and is) - whatever happened to " bear ye one anothers burdens" , love ye one another and "restore such a one in meekness"? If you kick out all the people who don't measure up up will be left with an EMPTY CHURCH :eek:
  16. thats not what im saying ,if a person is trying to change.great,no problem.but do some of these people read the bible?some just impose themselves to be in the right ,you can go church every sunday ,this doesnt give you any advantage if you dont read the word and try to behave as guided .
  17. Very true brother but I have seen people sit in church for years and never change only to have a light turned on and their life changed- good seed sown is not wasted and I am a bulldog about not giving up on someone till they breathed their last breath- your brother Larry
  18. very true lets hope we get that feeling from the spirit.

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