Christianity In China

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  2. Let's look at this historically.

    Rome allowed all religions as long as they accepted Caesar as a god.

    Christians did not do that and were persecuted to death or fled the empire.

    Eventually the empire fell and Rome became the defacto capital of Christendom.

    So my take, short term will be a problem, long term Christendom will win.

    Humans have this very strange mindset, even though they have no hope of winning, they still fight to the last person.
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  3. Interesting article Rav. I think the government is trying to control the de-facto christianity already mushrooming and I suspect the Christian chinese already understand what the government will try to do. Confusing translations of the chinese bible are sure to follow.
  4. amazing article :)
  5. Greetings:
    Bureaucrats talking spirituality sounds so stupid that budding Christians would tell themselves,see, anti-spirituality make one a buffoon.

  6. Using sculpted religion has long been a predilection of rulers.
  7. Just like the nazis. Control.
  8. They just want Christianity to conform to their rules so that we stop beating people up at Mcdonalds.

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