christian schools

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  1. christian schools

    should do more,and serve more,also the churches should promote more to schools and get everybody into a good spirit,a dead spiritual church is just that.
  2. A Christian school is extremely expensive to run and ususally needs support from it's parent church. Most of the ones I am familiar with do a great job. My daughter attended Reserve Christian school and one year they drug tested the entire High School. The results were 0% drug use- that is fantastic.
  3. ? and this learns the kids?:(
  4. Huh? These kids learned to love Jesus and to demonstrate academic excellence while living their lives before God. No drug use in an entire High School Mike- nowadays that is a miracle itself.
  5. that is for parents and the school board,i,m on about the kids.:)
  6. I am afraid you completely lost me Mike. Raising up children to love and serve God and equipping them with the tolls they need for life is definitely for them.
  7. showing children good things,like helping people,not good things like congrats our schools drug free.:)
  8. Having one does not rule out the other. In fact having a school full of kids that love God is the biggest plus you can have.
    Perhaps you need to be more specific in what you are saying Mike. Then maybe I will get what it is you are trying to say.
  9. over here christian schools are missing very good opertunities to develop good spirits ,before they go into a world which does not care.make the kids feel special by doing good projects with them what good really means.not just ok our schools great because there drug free.which in my opinion is very negative.
  10. I believe the school wanted to test every kid to see if there were any with a drug problem, and if any showed up with drugs in their system, they could do something to help them.

    I don’t believe anyone is saying the school is great “because” it is drug free, but they must be doing something right to have a drug free school. And it was a High School. There are a lot of areas in the country where it would be hard to find a drug free grade school.
  11. yes this is the problem,our standards have dropped,good christian families are hard to find.we send them to schools as lambs innocent,school teaches them drugs,abortion,same sex relations,no wonder they come home twisted.
  12. they don,t need to meet the world,they are taught the world at school.but some don,t teach christianity.

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