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  1. So I've never had a 'christian relationship' I stopped going to church when I was about 17/18 (I am now 27) I havnt really had any serious relationships but any I have had have not been with other christians. I started going to back to a church which i really love 2 years ago. so recently i meet this guy at church. We just started talking but he seemed to be attracted to me literally as soon as we meet. We meet up about 3 times, and we seemed to get on well, altho i guess i was always a bit weary of him for some reason. but I could tell he liked me Anyway one night we went to the cinema & before we said goodbye we kissed, but more than just a goodnight kiss..... We continued to meet up about once a week. We kissed again on a few occasions. I could tell he was very attracted to me and strikes me as a passionate romantic person.

    One night we were sitting in his car & he started kissing my neck quite a bit and kissing my face and ears. I felt slightly uneasy about that. Some things he says I thought were kind of inappropriate, and i would take them in a kinda lustful sexual way. I just think we should have stayed friends for longer & got to know each other as friends more first. Tho I don't mind be affectionate.

    Im not sure if i am overreacting about the whole thing, as I don't know what to expect from a christian in terms of a relationship. Just I think I would be weary of his intentions, cause there are lines I wouldn't cross.

    We had a sermon on this kinda thing and he basically said don't lust after someone, and don't date for sake of it. which is what i think this guy does, he thinks someone is attractive so he just dates them right away, which in my opinion isnt right, I would rather get to know someone as a person first. And it has kinda confused me a bit.
    I would like any opinions on this situation and on christian dating!
  2. I have a number of thoughts rattling around in my head. For now, though, I will just say that when the alarm bells start ringing, it is best to pay them some attention. Also, there is great virtue in exercising restraint when it is appropriate. It honors God and it honors the other person in the relationship. I think this guy would benefit greatly from a sit-down with a mature man of God. If only a well were as easy to climb out of as it is to fall into.
  3. Not all guys at church are Christians. It seems that sermon was from God to you, listen to it.

    A Christians struggle is against the flesh. It comes as NO surprise that the devil try and get you entangled with it the moment you decide to return to taking up your cross.

    Put an end to it immediately. I am not saying dump him. But I am saying end the physical contact, limit it to an innocent kiss. Don't put yourself alone with him in his car. Go with friends if you can. Let him visit you at your house where their are other people. In my church we take courting very seriously, exactly as per scripture. If he is a gentlemen who does actually love you more then your body he will take courting seriously too. If he does'nt, what are you doing dating a guy that has more desire for your body then respect for you or God? Only date a guy that you can see yourself marrying. Can you see yourself marrying a guy who has no problem with opening doors of temptation? Will you in a few years time be able to trust someone like that?
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