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  1. Those statements that just get your blood boiling :mad:...

    1. Agree to disagree - There is one truth and only one Holy Spirit giving it. We must agree to pray further and humble ourselves to the Holy Spirit revealing the truth. There is only requirement for fellowship 1 Cor 2:2.

    2. You have not got enough faith for healing - A Christian has faith in an unseen God and that a man who came in the flesh is God. A lot more faith then a mustard seed. Moving a mountain > any healing request. God hears the prayers of all His followers John 9:31.

    3. God wants you to be rich, prosperous / Jesus died in an expensive robe - Jesus was mocked with the robe. Jesus came into town on a donkey. Mother Theresa can teach many of us about what God wants us to do with money.

    4. Heavenly bank account - That whole logic is warped. Scripture says we must give not expecting anything in return. We must not be mindful of our 'heavenly' bank balance. We must just know that God sees what we do in private and will reward us in His own way.

    5. Be positive - So much positive teaching tripe is in modern Christianity. God doesn't want positive Christians. He wants saved and delivered from sin Christians. Being positive is mental brainwashing, we have the real answer, no need for self induced brain washing and faked smiles.

    6. Being a Christian is loving others / be 'love' - No, that is the second commandment, not the first. That can lead to the first but is not the first. Loving God is the first commandment. Loving God = obeying His commandments = hating sin and loving righteousness Rom 12:9 and Josh 24:15.

    7. Don't judge others - Judge everything 1 Cor 2:15, 1 Cor 6:3. Let God be the one who hands out punishment
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  2. In reference to 1. With so many denominations and different opinions, who gets to decide what version is the real truth?
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  3. Haha, to be honest, I have so many.

    Now just because I can't stand them doesn't mean they're all false. Some of them are true, some of them are half-true, and some of them are wrong.

    1) "Jesus hung out with prostitutes and criminals!"
    This is usually said to justify doing something wrong or permit someone for doing something wrong.

    2) "Yeah, well the Bible says not to eat shellfish or wear mixed fabrics, and do you do those things?!"
    Usually comparing Mosaic law to divine law.

    3) "It was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve."
    Look, I agree that marriage was instituted by God as being one man and one woman, but the phrase has been exhausted so much that it is now a parody with no juice left in it. It's dumbed down.

    4) "Love the sinner, hate the sin."
    Again, I agree -- but can we agree that this phrase is overdone? Maybe it's worth still saying because it's so short and clear...but still, just my opinion.

    5) "Jesus WASN'T born on December 25th, so..."
    It's not news that Jesus was probably born sometime else, but usually people say this to discredit the celebration or something. It's kind of pointless...but it's also often said as if it's some sort of cutting-edge, groundbreaking news, and everyone knows it.

    6) "I used to be a [insert denomination or religion here], so I know!"
    Most of us fall for it, but it's not entirely the end-all-be-all argument. Just because someone used to be the very thing they are arguing against doesn't make them the authority for what is right.

    7) "I'll pray on it."
    This is a phrase usually said when someone asks someone else to do something. However, the person who says it is too nice to say no, so they'll just say that they'll "pray on it."

    8) "It was a God thing."
    If something REALLY good happens to you, it was a God thing...but if something doesn't go according to plan, apparently God had nothing to do with it.
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  4. 1. I have no issue with this one. If we don't agree to disagree then we get into hateful arguing.

    6. Love is the number one commandment. Love God and others. People who have issues with this tend to be on the hateful side.

    7. You have to be careful judging others. God may not like you playing dress up as Him.
    Well, I'd say thinking judging is Christianity 101 is pretty hateful. I don't see judging others speck as my job.
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  5. On the one hand .....We must all believe / be convinced that we hold the truth...after sessions of harsh / truthful self judgment on our beliefs and then on the other hand...we must remain humble and open to growth. This would involve being sensitive to the Holy Spirit, constant respect for elders and always looking at the early churches / original Hebrew and Greek scriptures for guidance.

    We must just avoid non material arguments, not 'agree to disagree'. That is like agreeing to accept something that is not revealed to you as a bordering on hating brethren by leaving them with lies. ''I agree to leave you believing what you believe''. NO, I agree to pray for us both. God's fruit comes forth in truth and sincerity, not tripe and deceitfulness.

    Acts 5:39 But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.
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    lol at 8. I havn't heard that. Sounds like a televangelists statement.
  7. Not to be pedantic, but can you quote a scripture that says 'love' or 'love God and others' is the number 1 commandment'.

    You see, I don't stay married to my wife because I love her. I stay married to her because I love God.
    I don't respect my parents because I love them, I respect them because I love God.
  8. (edited by HMS to remove quote of deleted post)
    A wise elder once told me that you never condemn a person 100%. You say 'you are acting hateful'. Not, 'you are hateful'.
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  9. My issue with this one is that so many seem to interpret it as "Hate the sinner."
    Agree 100% on this one. How many times have I celebrated family and friends' birthdays on days that were not the actual day? I fail to see why it matters.
  10. For me, there is really one that annoys me above all others:

    "Are you saved?"

    Now, I know this is common vernacular for a lot of Christians, but let me explain why I hate it. First of all, my own personal belief is that we strive for salvation but can't know in this lifetime if we've got it, no matter how many personal dedications we make to God. God's the judge, he's the one who is going to tell me if I have been saved. So that's just my brand of Christianity, which is to say NOT the "saved/born again" variety.

    Secondly, I see it as one of those questions that seeks to create an "us vs. them" kind of mentality. If someone says no, they the person asking is now in this position to "instruct" the "unsaved" person and I don't think it's up to that person to "instruct" the other since how does he/she even know if they're "saved" themselves?

    Finally, it isn't a question that Christians asked each other for hundreds and hundreds of years. To me, someone re-invented the rules along the way, and to be "saved" means something very different from one denomination to the next. It is essentially asking someone "Are you a member of my denomination?"
  11. Haha, my birthday is actually on December 25th, but my family has a tradition of celebrating it on June 25th.
  12. I've definitely heard it before, and while I know many people say it very legitimately, I have also seen some people use it as a way of being un-confrontational.
  13. CeileDe,
    Half of the time, I say things in here that are very unpopular and most people in here are at odds with me. I don't know which posts you made that were deleted and it's not my place to say whether they should be or not (because it's not my forum), but you are 100% welcome in here. I personally would love to hear your perspective, even if I disagree with them.

    I'm not sure if some are protected in here -- I've seen the moderators interject on everyone at some point. Though there does seem to be a rhyme and reason to their actions, even if I disagree with them.
  14. I've been on here quite some time and mods def favor certain members.
  15. Could be -- I could be wrong on this one. Nonetheless, you are always welcome here with me.
  16. Thanks. I'm guessing I will be removed from board because of a discussion I am having with mods.
  17. It was a personal attack which is a rule violation.

    We do not intentionally protect certain members. We are short staffed and can not gat to all threads all the time.
  18. You have been banned for this and other actions.
  19. You joined on June 26, 2014. Not that long really.
  20. Overall I agree with your points.. But some of them I really don't mind.. As long as they are used in right context.. For example point #7, point #6, point #1 (even this) - when used in right context, these are perfectly valid statements..

    I am more pissed off when people take Bible verses out of context and use it for some universal purpose :D
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