Christian Novel For Native Americans

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  1. Standing Elk Cover.JPG The Christian novel entitled Standing Elk presents the Gospel cross-culturally to Native Americans. One librarian said of the book: "It is a beautifully written story." Standing Elk is available from the Sundowners Imprint of Treble Heart Books at the following link:
  2. Sorry, but the book is now out of print. The publisher went out of business.
  3. lol tell him to use ebooks, it costs nothing to publish.
    pretty sad. I use the term in more ways than one.
  4. actually can gain more money and wider readership with ebooks.
  5. Who holds the copyright? If the publisher holds the rights to the material, it may not be as simple as going to ebooks. I'm no expert on copyright or publishing law, so I'm just posing the question.
  6. I'm not 100% sure, i think you maintain the copyright, they only ask for a very small % of whatever your books sell for, check out

    @Rusty: Not sure about that, I personally don't read eBooks, so I'm not sure if they are more popular or what, but maybe with all the kindles / ipads etc people probably are.

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