Christian musicians becomes atheist

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  1. I don't even know this guy. But I think it is important to pay attention to this kind of news. Important reminder for us on what we are looking at. The talent of the person or the fruits they bear? There is one interesting comment in the article. Another musician who turned to atheism claims, only 1 out of 10 Christian musicians are genuinely Christians. Something to pray about I guess.
  2. After a few conversations on the subject, I perhaps think I think the whole music thing can be complex.

    Me, I was brought up with the folk and Irish stuff and might still if laws allowed in the UK could still play in a smoky bar. Yes, there are some things in later life that I feel God has asked me what I'm doing and have dropped some music for that reason, perhaps in a similar way to one day God seeming to say to me "What are you doing watching horror films" _ I stopped after that one.

    OTHO, I feel music to be pretty much about your reaction it and think it personal. Music, notes, are not inherently good or bad,. So I'd suggest stay away from things you feel have a bad effect on you, listen to your conscience and (in my case) try to learn as time goes on.

    There seems to me however to be a school of thought that sort of works material marketed as "Christian music" is automatically good and other stuff is automatically bad, By my way of thinking, much is a market led "substitution therapy". By that way of thinking, what you say is not at all surprising.
  3. If I just listen to Christians music radio, after a while I find I'm angry or frustrated. So I stopped, and it left. The devil had pipes in him to allow the glory of the Lord to make music as it passed through him. Music has an affect on people and things. After all, God spoke everything into existence, so everything has a frequency.
  4. And there is that 'prince of the power of the air' scripture about satan. I think there's a lot more to sound than we realize.
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  5. As in say"Something is trying to block me" or as (as tends to happen with me), this is just empty, pretentious, etc. ?
  6. We need 'doers of the Word'; 'living / walking in the Spirit'. All else is vanity....

    Forgive us LORD.....
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  7. It's spiritual for sure.
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    Kinda like christians too, but Im surprised though, wasn't newsboys in that movie God's nt dead, that was such a powerful movie
    Im just surprised...

    ah well, I guess things change, not always for the better..

    Now that I've read the article, it said he left in 1990... it would have been kinda messed up if he did it after the movie and what not lol... still.. I honestly don't think his heart was in it to begin w/ because of what he said..

    ""I always felt uncomfortable with the strict rules imposed by Christianity. All I wanted to do was create and play rock and roll... and yet most of the attention I received was focused on how well I maintained the impossible standards of religion. I wanted my life to be measured by my music, not by my ability to resist temptation."

    Like I said before, you can't force God on people.. you can drag your kids,husband whoever to church all day long.. but only God can change their hearts.
    Not saying its not valable to share the word, *offer* (not drag) your friends/kids..whoever to come to church... b/c that's how a seed is planted....

    but when you violently force, repels them..
    So its best to do what you can (share the word, ect) and let God work on them ^^
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  9. There is a lot of what is called Christian music that cannot eb differentiated from a rock concert.
    and what a lot of people call worship is nothing of the kind .
    or is not the worship of God .
    So I would agree with the thought that a lot of musicians are not Christian to start with . and so could very easily turn to atheism .

    in Christ
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  10. The musicians are not the only ones not truly Christian there is money to be made in music and preaching of course people of the world are going to be in those places to gain that money we are be watching to see if they are true Christians those of the world can talk and those of the world can be great musicians but never does it mean they have Christ.
  11. I remember hearing about this awhile ago. It's always sad when you see someone lose his faith.

    His reasoning of why he became an atheist is such a simplistic one. He felt cosmology and the voices of it would be a sound reason for God's non-existence. This is why I think it's so important that theology isn't watered down to only emotion. A firm foundation on why the emotion is real and why we worship is understood -- especially with young people. I have seen so many high school friends who were active in their youth groups and bible studies go off to college and come back as "Atheists" (though I'd say they're probably more like angry agnostics). A good Christian upbringing is important, but it's just as important to go through the education of God's existence and why it isn't silly to believe in God.

    The explanation that Atheists have of what God is is so faulty that if God was precisely as they described Him, then I'd have to count myself as an Atheist too. Fortunately, their understanding of God is not the right one.
  12. I feel music is seductive.. What do you think? It seduces both singer and the listener when not used appropriately! That is why I feel in all Christian songs the words and lyrics are so important.. It is not about how it feels to our ears.. How it feels to our hearts.. Does it make us think or just give pleasure to ears? That is what is important to look in a Christian song.. I always refrain from Christian concerts for the same reason..
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  13. So true! At the same time, I am wondering how many such people are there in Christian music industry now.. How many of them have truly given their heart to Lord? How many of them just do it as profession? Many of our kids take them as role models, don't they.. My 3 year old daughter already has a favorite Christian singer! I don't have cable at home.. So she has no idea what secular music is.. All she knows is Christian songs..
  14. Agreed!
  15. I really dislike what passes for christian music these days. It sounds no different from the world.

    I especially get annoyed when churches insist on hillsong and jesus culture music. Um Jesus CULTure? It is hypnotic trancy stuff that i have to sit out cos I dont want to hear ppl chanting over and over to a drum beat. I dont want to wave my hands in the air and bow down to an idol. I see ppl rocking out and thrashing guitars pretending they are rockstars and stage performers right in church. Ugh. Buy my cd! Whatever.

    Give me real music, hymns, those proclaiming what Jesus has done for us not what we think but what the Bible says. Sometimes I just want to leave and say if the power cut out you would have nothing and your piddly amplifiers and guitar effects pedals and crashing cymbals are NOTHING.
    We are to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. Go outside look up to the heavens, i dont want to sit in a darkened auditorium having my ears subject to an audition for satan.
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  16. I always thought Newboys were dodgy pretend christians who wanted to be rockstars. I cannot listen to that sort of stuff. When they sing or rather, chant of God they do not mean King of Kings, Lord of Lords or the Creator of the Universe.

    They mean a different god. The roaring of the lion lyric is a dead giveaway. They mean satan,,only the devil prowls around roaring like a lion seeking to devour.
  17. We ought to remember that there is really no such thing as "Christian music." An inanimate thing cannot be Christian in itself. I'm a Christian and I'm eating lunch right now, but it doesn't mean that I'm having a "Christian lunch."

    But I understand that Christian music means "music with Christian lyrics." The style of music (the music itself) cannot be Christian. Granted, I do not think that music that has a modernist sound belongs in the liturgy, but that's for sacramental reasons, not taste.
  18. I haven't heard a Newsboys song in about 15 years. I was in high school when some of my friends were listening to them. I think we've talked about "Christian bands" in here before. My biggest problem with them growing up wasn't about content (usually, there wasn't anything I opposed to -- most of the songs were them stating that Christ is King and that He is good). My problem was always just based on the aesthetics; I could never get into the music itself. It was never pleasing to the ear. It sounded like a pale derivative to its secular counterpart.

    I was curious what you were talking about, Lanolin, about this song. I looked it up -- it's called God's Not Dead (Like a Lion) comparing God to a living, active, and bold God. I gave it a listen and read the lyrics. It's not my kind of music, and I'm not blown away by the lyrics, but I didn't read or hear anything in opposition to Christian doctrine. I will say I'm not sure where you got the idea of Satan being like a lion. Snake, yes, but this song seems to be a reference to Hosea 11 where God is described to be like a roaring lion (which is also where C.S. Lewis said his concept of Aslan came from).

    The song didn't mention anything about preying or devouring.
  19. This guy left in 1990 long before the "God is not dead" song and movie came out. It's clear the song is about God still alive from within His believers.
  20. 1 peter 5:8

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