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  1. The media industry is controlled by the enemy, so it isn't easy to find Christian movies. There are, however, excellent movies inspired by the life, works and doctrine of Our Lord Jesus.

    Speaking of which, it seems Mel Gibson wants to do a sequel to The Passion of the Christ. Any news on this? If Gibson wants to do a movie on the apostles, it's probably going to be even bloodier and more shocking than the first one. Let's hope he knows what he's doing.

    Anyway, here are my favourite Christian movies:

    Pier Paolo Pasolini's The Gospel According to St. Matthew

    Pasolini was a controversial director but this one is a great classic and biblically accurate.

    I showed a couple of scenes to my students: Jesus teaching the Lord's Prayer and feeding the hungry.

    Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ

    Darren Aronofsky's Noah

    Very controversial movie but I love the sequence of the Garden of Eden and was thinking of showing that particular scene at Sunday School.

    Dreamworks' Prince of Egypt

    It's a brilliant movie and kids love it.

    Nicholas Ray's King of Kings

    Another great classic, I always show the magnificent Sermon on the Mount sequence to my students.
  2. The Hollywood Reporter
    Mel Gibson Planning 'Passion of the Christ' Sequel (Exclusive) 6/9/2016 by Paul Bond

    I very much enjoyed Passion of the Christ. I wish him every success being Hollywood may still hold a grudge against him for the slander that was levied against him during a DUI arrest years ago.

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  3. Are you referring to his divorce? I remember hearing a couple of recordings at the time, there were accusations of verbal abuse and racism.

    We all have issues, one thing's for sure: Gibson is a brilliant director and he knows the film industry like the back of his hand. I loved The Passion of the Christ and I'm sure the next movie will be a success.
  4. I love his films and remain a fan despite the troubles he's suffered. I personally think he was smeared in the DUI arrest wherein he was alleged to have made some antisemitic remarks. Those led to a great deal of trouble for him in the business of Hollywood. One man even took out a full page ad in the trade magazine there that is an exclusive for the Hollywood business people. He told everyone in the guilds not to work on any Mel Gibson films. :( That makes it impossible to make a movie in Hollywood I expect.

    The ex-wife recordings were a little sketchy too. His phone sounded like it was a cheap phone. Her voice was perfectly clear and sounded like it was edited in to what he was saying on the rough cut. Plus, I'd think the law would come into it being telephonic recording laws in the different States would apply. Some States have two party consent laws. Where both parties talking by phone have to agree to the recording. I'd wonder how that wasn't an issue for her.

    I feel sorry for the troubles he's had. He's such a success he doesn't have to worry about money. But it is sad that his reputation was attacked for so long. I'm glad he has a new project in the works. I loved Passion. I brought a box of Kleenex so I would have plenty for myself. And I knew there would be those around me that weren't as prepared. Sure enough I was passing tissues about the rows . It was deeply emotional and graphic. But it would have to be wouldn't it?

    I look forward to where he's going to take this sequel. :)
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