Christian Guy And A Muslim Girl

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What choice do you believe I should follow?

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  1. Hi :),

    I am currently in my last year of university, 22 years old. I live in university halls with 22 other people. One of my flat mates is called Annabelle.

    I really like Annabelle but nothing happened between us since I am a devote Christian and she is a (half-hearted) muslim. We both got along really well, and before we knew it we were spending loads of time together and we became really close friends.

    However about 2 weeks ago, she kissed me in the moment and I kissed her back. We ended up cuddling and talking to each other for the night. This happened again the following week. During all this time my feeling for her have only gotten stronger.

    I believe that a couple should NOT be unequally yoked in a relationship. So since we kissed I have been praying that God would help me in some way to talk to her about becoming a Christian. I believe that she would need to come to Christianity out of love for Jesus Christ and no other way would be correct. Converting to a different religion to please man is not true conversion. And I have prayed to God about this.

    Over the last 4 days we have been talking over the phone about what we believe is to happen in our relationship. I proposed that we should date and get to know each other more. And to me hopefully I would like for her to eventually find out about the Truth.
    However she believes that we don't have much of a future, simply because she knows that the woman I would eventually marry, would need to be a Christian and she won't consider converting because she believes it will cause problems in her family. She also stated that the man she will marry would need to be a muslim, and I don't see myself ever changing.

    So she proposed that we both keep seeing each other till the end of term (2 months), but since we both know that there is no future, we should both just be friends after.

    My dilemma is that I need to choose the next step:
    1) If the relationship is going nowhere then it makes sense to try to become friends from now onwards not to wait till the end of term. This would be hard as I have feelings for her and she for me, but with God's help I believe I can. I will also try to be a friend that she can rely on if she needs me.
    2) I believe that God will make a way, that this can work somehow. And I stay with her for the next two months hoping that somehow God will keep us together at the end of term. And that eventually somewhere down the line she converts to Christianity.

    She is currently on holiday and I wont be seeing her for a week.

    I am currently looking for any support and advice on how to tackle this matter. The advice can be as blunt or as friendly as needed, I only ask that it be true. Even as I am writing this post I am leaning towards one of the above two options. If you believe that there is another option please let me know. If you require more information let me know.

    I don't want to break her away from her family and I don't want to hurt her feelings. But I love Jesus Christ above all.

    I will carry on praying about this, please feel free to support me through prayer.

    I apologise for this lengthy post and really appreciate the time that you have taken to help me.

  2. be there for her out of love for Jesus. As time goes on she will see the glow emanating from your heart and perhaps she will start asking questions....where is this warmth coming from?just 4 example. Then let the Holy Spirit talk thru u. Then maybe she will see the lite. As for her family....just start with her. In time if she accepts Jesus as Lord and savior she can share with her family the love and peace that has been planted. It's a start. I will be praying with you brother.
    Chili out.
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  3. I think you should be just friends until she becomes a Christian. Being in a relationship with her knowing that there is no future for such a relationship would only expose you (both you and her) to unnecessary temptations. It is also dangerous for her, since some Muslim parents can become violent if they realize that their daughter is dating a non-Muslim. While being her friend you can still pray for her and maybe invite her to some Church meetings. If she is not interested in Christianity, it is better for both of you to remain only as friends.
  4. I think before you get into the relationship at least make sure she is a Christian.
    lead by example and like JG said, let your warmth shine.
    I believe God can hear many prayers, and she could be your wife. but speak to Him
    before getting into this.

    also its easier for a man to persuade a woman. but women also through their examples
    can lead a guy to Christ. only thing is, don't get into the relationship or do none of that
    stuff until the person comes to Christ, because it will corrupt your witness.

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