christian family tree

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  1. christian family tree

    hey all

    for a good week and a half I have been looking for past relatives that walked a christian life. I started with my mothers side and found maybe three that went to church or believed, and that she had a grandfather that was a preacher, said he drank like the devil all week and preached on sundays. well I went down to my dads house and asked him about past christian relatives, he could not think of any. I'm the oldest of eight and the only one saved, starting to think the family tree is not a tree at all just an old stump with no branches. could I be living under some kind of generational curse, or just very unlucky in the family department? or should I just not worry about it and press on?

  2. I'd say the opposite!
    YOU are the lucky one!
  3. Old things are passed away and all things are new in Christ- if you aren't happy about the family you were born into- inherited disease or fear of such curses just remember you were born again into a new family with awesome lineage- you have been born again into the family of the Living God - enjoy the blessing and favour you have in Christ brother- many blessings in Jesus Name- Larry
  4. hey Violet, hey Larry

    Thanks you two, thats a better way to think about it.

  5. God's way is always best- it is so freeing to find who you are in Christ!

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