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Discussion in 'Site Showcase' started by Jeffin, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. Christian Directory

    Hey everyone, I just created a new Christian Directory for Christian websites. If you have one join there. :glasses:

    The website is:

    A back link to is required.
  2. I keep getting an error, below:

    I'd post the url but my post are yet still to low, although I could do... it was formated like: ht tp:// www . NOT-A-SITE . com /

    without the spaces
  3. Thanks Jeff,

    It is working fine for me.

    I will list my sites on it later today.
  4. No don't list it now. I'm still working on it. Got some errors. Sorry.
  5. If you tried posting the Url here, it would not accept it until you have 20 posts. To post on the christian directory I created that would not be a problem.
  6. The site is back up and can accept links.

    There's a back link requirement to
    This helps promote the video site in return.
  7. I had no trouble accessing it.:)
  8. Yea I respect the post limit here and totally understand it.

    I love the websites you have going!!

    Edit: I am still having issue suggesting a URL, is there a preferred way for me to contact you about my issue?
  9. Send me an email to
    I'll check what the issue is. :)
  10. By the way, you'll have to change category from Root to something else while suggesting a listing.

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