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  1. i was just praising god by telling how powerful he is because he created the world and hes the main Man that makes thing happens. some other christian thought I was rude? is it rude to praise God?
  2. No, it's not rude to praise God. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding?
  3. now I know when I read the news, make sure it is genuine. I thought a farce article was genuine (until another member told me it wasn't and explained) and after that, I was trying to give praise to god for that, and me bringing up the farce article made him thought I wasn't being sincere but I was trying to be sincere.
  4. I wouldn't be all that concerned about it.
  5. Please tell us what was the "farce article" you are referring to which in the end was not (after it was explained)
  6. http://intergalacticwritersinc.word...ce-cream-consumption-linked-to-shark-attacks/

    "Scoops and Sharks

    In the study, researchers documented the number of ice cream cones eaten per capita, along with the number of shark attacks. According to their data, shark attacks were lowest in the winter, when the populace ate the least ice cream, and highest in summer, when they ate the most. Those who had eaten ice cream purchased from boardwalk or beachside stands were most likely to be linked to a shark attack.

    While not usually man-eaters, sharks require highly-caloric food to power their muscular bodies. ((((((As fat contains more calories per gram than protein or carbohydrates, it is believed that humans with higher levels of body-fat would be more attractive to sharks.)))))

    “Ice cream itself has a lot of fat,” says Dr. Anita Bath, another researcher from the University of Wroxton.

    “It’s possible that eating more ice cream leads to weight gain, which would increase your appeal to sharks. Similarly, sharks may be able to sense recently-eaten ice cream in the stomach.”

    Sharks have a highly developed sense of smell and sensitive electrical receptors."

    This is where I was getting my information. I didn't notice the "this is why I like to read fantasy" at the top of the page. I took that news article seriously and thought it was real. then silk brought it to my attention that that new article was farce.
  7. Did you know that 99% of all known heroine addicts drank milk as infant/toddlers...therefore drinking milk may lead to heroine addiction...

    Any questions of spiritual concern or confusion?
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    Okay, I will say this. It doesn't matter on how I think my actions was. If I think my action was not rude, it doesn't make it so. What other people think of my action should be most important. I am sorry that I valued my opinion on my action way more than other people's opinion. I will value other people's opinion more than my own opinion. It's like someone putting up a "V" sign as a peace sign but in the culture, the people in the culture take that as an insult. because in the certain culture, that is the definition of a insult in that culture, and currently, we are in that culture.

    If you think drinking milk may lead to heroine addiction, okay, I will believe you because I don't want to put value to my opinion anymore. I will only put value to other people's opinion.
  9. you're right, the shark and the ice cream have no connection whatsoever. I need to value your opinion more than my opinion. I didn't realize that the shark and the ice cream had no connection until you said so.

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