Christian Confusion: Something I Struggle With

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  1. If you are looking for the truth, don't listen to me. Instead, I would prefer it if you listened to a more authoritative speaker, that is, God. One of the many faults I hold against myself is the fact that I trust, to some extent, the beliefs and reasonings of other people. Even though I never fully believe something until I have tested it out, I still feel it is a great error to look anywhere but scripture. If God's word is true, and it is, then that is where all of our hopes, dreams, and beliefs should rest on. When God or his son says "Truly, truly", It is, in fact, true. His word is so important that it is used as an analogy for the son himself. In the beginning was the word. But do not take my word, take God's. Let every man be a liar, and let God's word be true. It is sad though, because even though I have this belief I still enjoy trying to find the truth in other people. Because after all, if I can't find anyone with the truth, then I myself cannot expect to have it. It is a shame that our religion is divided into so many different parts and beliefs, when we should all be abiding on the same vine, that is Jesus Christ. Some Christians believe in evolution for crying out loud! Something that is so obviously contrary to biblical Genesis is ACTUALLY believed by people who also believe in Christ. What is the issue here? Why is the Holy Spirit not giving us all the SAME truth? Why the division, and most nnoticeably confusion? Are we simply not reading scripture enough? Or perhaps are we reading into the text with our own beliefs at the back of our minds? Why is the Holy Spirit seemingly not working? Surely we can trust that the Holy Spirit, the spirit of God, if inside us, is in fact giving us the truth. Right? I have traversed many different interpretations of scripture, and have found that I am praying for God to give me the truth. I am torn between different doctrines, one that says all sinners go to hell, and that a Christian "Cannot Sin", and another that says we will always be saved as long as our hope is in Jesus. I am torn between if the God of the bible really will torment people for eternity, or if he will, as an all powerful God, save every last one of his creatures. Maybe this all goes back to the lovely garden of Eden. That oh so deadly fruit of the knowledge of good and evil is perhaps to blame for all this confusion. However, if we want to be simplistic, we already know the TRUTH. That is Jesus Christ. That IS, in fact, what connects all Christianity. The fact that Jesus Christ died for the sins of all men, Jew and Gentile. The fact that believing in him IS your ticket to Heaven. NO true Christian would ever doubt this doctrine. But can a Christian dare say the Bible is NOT 100% accurate in truth and teaching? Can a TRUE Christian believe in evolution? Is there any room? This is my problem. Where exactly do we draw the line? Is a Christian still a Christian if his doctrine of sin is all wrong? Can a Christian still be a Christian if he thinks homosexuality is something that is genetic, and cannot be helped? Now I understand we are all Babes in Christ, and God is far from finished with his work in and on us. But where are Christians ripe with truth and maturity? Even Biblical scholars and pastors disagree on MANY doctrines that affect the way one thinks about true salvation. Is it fair to say we are all doomed to confusion until Christ's second coming? Is it fair to say that true TRUTH and maturity don't arrive until our beloved has returned? If he is "The Way, The Truth, and The Life", then wouldn't it be fair to say that we have no perfect understanding of truth until he is shining in our midst? I have once believed in the doctrine of sinless perfection. The doctrine that says a true Christian is saved so he can NEVER sin again. But even though many of my sins have been overcome, I am sad to say I am left with numerous amounts of sins I was unaware were even sins! And so it is I struggle with Biblical interpretation. Jesus has given me salvation, but can I lose it? Many verses would argue yes, but in a different understanding they argue no. Oh God, Jesus Christ, please help us from our confused hearts. You have given your word plainly, but our hearts cannot grasp its meaning. What I am is a confused and sorrowful sinner. A man who has faith in Christ, but struggles in my failings and lack of certainty. Do I dare question my salvation? Or even worse, wrestle with the concept that maybe I have been in the dark even now. I have done so some nights, and my soul screams in agony at the very thought that maybe I have done everything wrong. I cry out, with the thought in mind that God doesn't even hear my sinful crys. Oh, how trapped I am in this cage of death. How lost I am in this world of darkness. Jesus Christ, you are my light. Until death I will follow you, and in my soul I will praise you. Give me courage, and truth. Meekness, and humility. Let me give my whole self unto you, and guide me through the dark waters of human suspicion. Heal me from false doctrine, and mend me to true unity. I am afraid I will yet be perfect until his coming. I want so eagerly to be what he wants me to be, but my struggles only drag me down. What lesson is this, he is teaching me? What will this trial produce in my soul? Surely he knows, and it is for good reason. I suggest to you, if you have read thus far, to consider that maybe he is teaching you truth. Maybe the truth is less finite, and concrete than we picture it. But whatever it is, he will surely deliver, for he is faithful. What I am is a man being taught. By an everlasting God, with infinite thought. How foolish of me, to ask him to teach me according to my understanding. Oh Jesus, teach us according to your wisdom. Don't listen to me, give your ear to the divine tongue. Not one of flesh, but of spirit.
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  2. Yes. ^^ I really like your post. I feel the same and pray these same things to God. :)
  3. 1) Ask God to show you what a paragraph is.

    2) Stop confessing your a sorrowful sinner or don't have understanding. Your a new Creature (New type of being) in Christ Jesus, your the Righteousness of God, and you have the mind of Christ.

    3) Jesus already told you the key to understanding right doctrine. The reason so many are off is because God is not first in their life. The things of God are not first. When they get paid, they think of their bills and not what the Kingdom needs first.

    Joh 7:17 If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.

    When people are way off, right here is you issue.
    Example: I was Pastor of a Chruch and had issue in Champaign IL. I went to God and he said, "Move to Branson." Making sure I heard correctly I asked again the next day because that made ZERO sense. I had no idea where Branson was. He told me again, so I went and told the wife we have to leave everyone, the jobs and get to Branson MO. We left with 230.00 dollars and no idea where we were going to stay or what we were going to eat. God says go, you go. I knew the Lord meant Faith Life Church. Keith Moore.

    We got into Branson, found a cheap motel and found the Church. The next night was our first Friday Night service and during the Service Keith was taking an offering for a ministry to buy a boat to witness to people in the South Pacific.

    The Lord said to me, "Put all the rest of your money in the offering."

    Well, I needed to pay the hotel bill then next morning and my wife and two kids needed to eat. We only had 130.00 dollars left and had no idea what we were going to do.

    What did Jesus say? If any man Will............. will...............will................. Do his Will.

    I asked the wife for all the money and dropped it in the bucket for that boat.

    That next morning with no money or food, I got up and told the Lord I refuse to fuss or worry about it. I did what you asked Lord and I thank you that you have never failed anyone that puts their trust in you. I then just praised God to keep my mind busy. (You don't let the devil come in and run your head over with thoughts about how God won't come through for you.)

    It was about 10am and the hotel bill was due at 11am. I got a call on the cell phone. It was a women we knew in Champaign IL. She said God kept her up all night and she wanted to send money to us through Walmart. it was 200.00.

    I went to Walmart and got that money. That same week someone left 7 bags of food on our Hotel doorstep. There was so much we had to give some away to others staying at the Hotel. That Monday someone handed my Wife 300.00 and that Tuesday someone helped us find a better place to stay. (I was sleeping on the floor of the Hotel so the wife and kids could have the bed)

    4) 1Co 5:5
    To deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.

    You can get to a place of being so flesh ruled that it will effect your born again spirit to the point of being lost. Paul said it right here with the man sleeping with his Fathers wife.

    Now relax, it will be OK.
  4. Hi. Good post. Sounds like a Psalm from David towards the end :). You hit the nail on the head when you said we all have unity in Christ 1 Cor 2:2.

    Some things we all need to consider / not be oblivious too:

    1. Human wisdom is foolish to God. Not that He disregard it all, as fact is fact. But that it is IQ 1 when He is IQ infinity. God loves science. But God's science is not limited by the laws of physics.

    2. The devil is on earth and he is the father of lies. It is his native tongue John 8:44. Christianity under attack by confusion should be expected.

    3. Not all who call themselves Christians are saved and have the Holy Spirit. The vast majority live by a good morale code and read scripture without spiritual discernment.

    4. God is not a liar. God is not deceitful. God is not evil. Whenever there are ''unknowns'' Christian common sense 101 is to deduce the unknown in light of how scripture defines Him. He is good, honest, just, longsuffering, relents from sending calamity. So we need to ask how does a righteous / holy / powerful / good God justify millions of years of natural selection? eternity of suffering in hell? Uphold impartiality / fairness / being just to the maximum whilst judging those en route to eternal hell?

    5. Scripture is absolute truth. God upholds what is written to the maximum, proved by the cross. There is no hidden agenda by God. All who wrote were inspired 2 Pet 1:21, 2 Tim 3:16, John 1:1. Jesus's chosen method of rebuking the devil was quoting scripture. A key thing to remember is that the devil quoted scripture and Jesus then said it 'is also written' Matt 4. The devil shut his mouth after that. Temptation / debate / discussion over.

    6. We can only truly know Jesus as Lord / respect scripture that is tied to Him and our salvation (Rom 10:17 and John 1:1) if we are truly a Christian / saved / have the Holy Spirit reveal Jesus who came in flesh, as Lord to us 1 Cor 12:3. Nobody calls Jesus, 'Lord', except by the Holy Spirit.

    7. Even the most spiritual among us still looks through a glass darkly. You are right there. Spiritual truth is always clearer at church / in prayer then at work / in long debates with ungodly intellectuals / not so spiritual Christians :X3:.

    The worse case scenario / most important issue to get right in your post is obviously our eternal fate in heaven or hell. Scripture says it is eternal, we need to deal with that. We need to see how a good God justifies this. Separating wolves and lambs is not evil and is inevitable! Giving us free will is good. Over riding free will to reject Him is evil. God loves the devil. We see this in how He tolerated him in the wilderness / everyday since his fall. Punishment of eternal separation is not debatable. Punishment of suffering is debatable.

    Getting there...we all agree that someone who is continuing in mortal sin = unsaved or shipwrecking salvation = en route to hell.
  5. MH: Great testimony: the Lord still works with the faithful. Thank you.

    MJ: Those are some heavy points there, Beloved. You do know that I like to plagiarize, right?
  6. Let's just pretend I never wrote this post (I don't know how to delete it :oops:). I read Galatians 3 today and realized how true Christ's salvation is for us, and that is really all that matters. Why argue about doctrine when we could be discussing and sharing the Good News that God has forgiven us through his son Jesus Christ? I think as Christians our only job is to remain in Christ's love, and to spread that message to all who need it. I am not opposed to looking into scriptural doctrine, but we should always make sure someone's salvation is taken care of first.
  7. _______________________________________________

    Beloved, doctrine is just as important as the Gospel. Yes, man is saved by believing and obeying the Gospel; but it is doctrine that keeps us keeps us obedient. "Take heed unto thyself, and unto the doctrine; continue in them: for in doing this, you shall save both yourself, and them that hear you."
  8. As long as you learn about the Power of Paragraphs, then we are all good.

  9. Argue about doctrine? the message to the unsaved is Christ. To the saved Heb 6:1. When the devil / false teachers approach us with false doctrine we need to Jesus did....correct / rebuke with scripture.

    Lose confidence in scripture = lose confidence in Jesus because of Rom 10:17 and John 1:1. We will be utterly useless for God.

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