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    hi everyone!
    i am searching for colleges and im just starting my college visits.i am looking at Messiah in PA and Liberty in VA and a few others. i want to attend a Christian college but alot of people tell me that some so called "Christian colleges" arent very Christian at all! How do I know which Christian colleges are the real deal and which arent??? I am looking for a college on the east coast, does anyone have any suggestions or insight as to which ones are REAL Christian colleges!? thanks!:)
  2. My Brother and Sister went to Dordt Collage in Iowa, it seemed to be ok, but like most places, a lot of bad apples.

    My other sister went to Calvin Collage, and it seems like a great school. Good people, very very respected by the academic world. Its also huge, and beautiful campus.
    Edit: Calvin Collage is in Grand Rapids Michigan.
  3. You want an 'accredited' Christian college to where your credits can transfer into a secular school in case something happens.

    One thing to do is to visit the college on another day besides the 'official visitor's days'. The way you do this is to get a hotel closeby and taxi from the hotel to the main entrance and just walk around the campus and facilities to gain your opinion and do alot of observing and take alot of notes for a whole day.

    Colleges (secular and Christian) are vastly different on 'official visitor's days' much like corporations are when the overseer is coming down from corporate headquarters. The buildings are overclean, the landscaping is perfect, the people talk differently, etc. because it's all about an appearanceand also not to 'tip off' someone of a dysfunction that may raise more questions and investigations.

    I had a friend that visited a major Christian college during one of their ' visit/orientation' days and came back impressed and fired up to where he went there and when he got there, was 'bothered' at how much different everything was when compared to the 'orientation day' from facilities maintenance to the quality of student life to the real content of his curriculum. He left and went to another Christian college that he ended up graduating from.

    One that I know alot of alumni from who seem to be very solid believers is Montreat College in the mountains of NC.
  4. I have a friend who goes to Liberty College, he seems to like it there. Havent seen him in awhile so i dont have much info about the college.
  5. New Saint Andrews

    Greetings! Good Christian colleges are very hard to find - but I found one! a matter a fact, we were missionaries in France for the past 9 years, and moved as a family to this place so that both my brother and I could attend (we were due for a furlow, and it didn't matter where in the US).

    It's called New Saint Andrews. It's a classical liberal arts college, and you may think to yourself that you don't want liberal arts...however this is not typical liberal arts, by any means! It is a very vigorous Classical education that prepares you for life! I want to go into business, and this is much better than a business degree - it take no time to fill in the extra courses I lack from not getting a formal business degree, but I'll be prepared for life.

    take a look at their website: (the junior blog that I run is here: )

    It is an AMAZING place to be, with an amazing christian community and church.

    We moved 5,000 miles to attend :)

    Yes, it's in north Idaho, but it's beautiful!

    ~Daniel Foucachon
  6. New Saint Andrews - accredited

    Oh, and it is accredited by TRACS!
  7. Houghton, Houghton, Houghton! =] I love that place.

    Now, "Christian colleges" ARE in fact real Christian colleges- but you must bear in mind who is attending these schools.

    Do you think every single student who attends a Christian college is going there because its a Christian school? Chances are, no. So you WILL find non-christians there, you will find struggling Christians there... You'll see it all.

    You can tell if they're a Christian school with Christian values, usually, just by looking at their handbook and whatnot. That's how I knew Houghton was- and believe me, they teach Biblically. However you DO run into students who are NOT living the lifestyle...

    So there's my 2 cents for you. =]

    Good luck (even though this is late).
  8. I was thinking that same thing when I was doing my college search. I went through public schools all my life and for college I decided to attend a Christian college. Now, in my opinion, a college is a college. Of course, they will be some drinking, etc. and other things. But if your friends with Christians, it wouldn't be a problem. It all depends on the people and their beliefs.
  9. Hey Jxmelle,

    I am recently thinking of getting my Batchelors at Houghton..
    Just was out to dinner here locally.. and ran into a great group of gals from Houghton..

    I am not that far from Houghton.. moved to this wonderful southern tier area of NY a few years ago!

  10. Bryan College (Tennessee)
    Bob Jones University (Greenville, SC)
    Columbia International University (Columbia, SC - was Columbia Bible College)
    Piedmont Bible College (Winston Salem, NC)
    Clearwater (Ohio - I think)
    Liberty University (Virginia)

    I know people who have attended all of these. My DDs attended Carson Newman College, Tennessee, which is a Christian college, but not perhaps as strong as the ones listed above). M DGS is interested in attending Liberty University.

  11. Have you considered Online/Distance Learning. There are many Christian colleges that offer this option. We found many via searching the web.
  12. Seattle Pacific University. I have many connections here... in fact I might transfer there after community college in a year and a half. They arn't too hot in sports right now, and its 10 times the $$$ per more than the University of Washington, but they have excellent students and academics. My girlfriend goes there now (freshman) and my dad has worked there since he graduated. He's in charge of the security and facilities management. In other words, he hires and fires security workers, and also arranges funds when the time comes of rebuidling facilities. For example the science buildings that were just put in thanks to him. In fact, if you are after a medical or science major, you will be thrilled with that department of the school.
  13. What was the decision. Christian college or not christian college? I still dont know whats better.
  14. I decided not to make a second Chirstian College thread just for the other side of the country so I decided to ask here.
    I'm looking to transfer from a comunity college to Christian college in a year or 2 and was wondering what schools there are in California specifically. Preferably near the Bay area but not necissary. I've looked into Simpson a little but was wondering about others.
    I was hoping to go into Bible and Theology degree if that makes any difference.:)
  15. Hey Richard, try this website - Home.
  16. Cooool. Thank you very much!

    You = :cool:
  17. This is pretty much the kind of thing I was wondering about when I signed up, (although I do like the forums and hope to be able to contribute to other discussion on down the road...) The kind of school I'd be interested in would be more of a strictly Bible based/Church history focused course rather than one that's more evangelically inclined. And by that I merely mean classes that basically teach how to put together sermons properly and effectively and whatnot. Not to at all deny the usefulness of those kind of courses, but that's just not where my heart is right now.
  18. Liberty College is from what i hear, Amazing.
  19. Hi everyone, I was a student at LU from 2007-2008, I will say, it is not for everyone. I came from a small town Christian school in NC, it had plenty of rules and I was happy, went to Liberty- felt like I was in jail. That being said, it is perfect for some people, but Liberty was too overbearing for me.

    One last issue, LU will let ANYONE in. I had a very different roommate who explained to me how he needed to be here because he likes men and this will help him, he was a man. I tried to help, but it did little good- it got so bad that I finally just hid from him. I know that sounds bad, but I couldn't help him and all trying did was upset me.

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