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  1. Hello,
    My name is Austin and I'm looking to open a Clothing Line based all on the Good News of Jesus Christ. I am a Sophomore in College, living in San Francisco, and I am sick of seeing violence, sex, drugs, and alcohol glorified on every mainstream shirt. With that being said, we plan on starting our adventure in the later fall making shirts that are dedicated into growing the church. Our first design, is simple, but it has a message that everyone must take in. Ephiseans 2:8-9 says "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith,- and this is not from yourselves, it is a gift of God.-Not by works, so that no one can boast."

    Can't wait to hear all of your feedback.
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  2. I'm all in to buying some. Get some real nice looking designs. Younger kids will wear them if you keep in the line of MMA style shirts, if you know what I mean.
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  3. Hey Ceile De,
    Thanks for the reply. Great to hear the feedback, and I totally understand what you mean about MMA Style Shirts. I will definitely keep you updated on how the business is going.
  4. Hey you're close to me brother!

    I prefer clothing that doesn't have brand names all over it. I think that's why Ed Hardy went out of style so fast. If I had to choose between clothing with profanity or christian writing, I would definitely choose the christian stuff.

    I have noticed religious brands that have been very successful. Seen them in stores like Nordstrom.

    The image that you posted, is that the design you've been working on?
  5. Hey,
    If you don't mind me asking, where is your brother from? And I definitely understand what you mean! Why would someone pay all this money to be a billboard for your company. Also, yes, that is a design we are working on. We are still fixing it up, while starting to design our second shirt. We'd love to hear what you think!

  6. LoL I was calling you brother. I'm in the Sacramento area, about 40 minutes from South Lake Tahoe.
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  7. Oh, haha and that is sweet not to far at all. What city exactly? Happy Easter by the way!

  8. Very nice... my daughter makes me t-shirt though The pricing isn't bad for self-design and it's good quality cotton (which is why it's more pricy than going to Wal-Mart for ready-made t's).
  9. Hey Abdicate,
    Nice to meet you! What kind of shirts does she make through Custom Ink, and if you can, could you post a picture. I will be printing the shirts myself, but would still love to see what they provide.
  10. New Update's:

    1. The designs are making its way into the brand. We take much time praying over our designs and praying over the verses we put on each design, so this is a huge step. We are hoping to finish have 5 designs ready for June 1st.

    2. The name is almost ready to be announced. We are still picking between a handful of names, but should have the final name by May 1st.

    3. Pre Orders. We will be starting Pre Orders June 1st. Preorders for our company will be essential in the making. What Preorders will give us is the financial support that will allow us to buy supplies needed to make your shirts. We are still working with a rough estimate on the amount we will need to raise, but June 1st, the Kickstarter will be made.

    4. Paper Back Devotional. Lately, I've been working on a 30 day devotional for Young Adults to grow in their faith, by challenging themselves to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. We are hoping to get this 60-80 page devotional done by July 31. The funding to this book will also be part of the Kickstarter mentioned above.

    Hey, so now that you see what we have planned for the next few months, we'd love to hear what you guys think. We also ask for you guys to pray for us as a brand that we will keep our eyes on the glory of God, and not forget the real reason we are around.

  11. Is the clothing line you plan to do is just for shirts?
  12. H
    Hey Jerilee,
    Nice to meet you! So far, we aren't 100% sure on what we are going to be selling. We are looking into tshirts, sweatshirts, and beanies so far, but we are going to be starting with tshirts.

    What do you want to see?
  13. I was thinking about making a Christian clothing line before but I didnt know where to start or create enough traffic. The reason why I want to implement my own design is because I don't like the ones I see online (like MMA or Ed Hardy) style. Too much graphic makes it so tacky and some of them looks like it came from a clip art.

    Have you heard of teespring?
  14. Hello,
    I definitely understand. Nothing seems like something I would want to wear on a weekly basis you know? I have heard of Teespring, and even though it is a great idea, I decided not to use it. I find that it will be so much more beneficial in the long run to print my own shirts if that makes sense. I would love to get in contact with you through PM or Email to talk about collabing a design.
  15. I agree! The good thing about teespring is its free, the prob is its too expensive and they only give you a small percentage. I would love to brainstorm and share some of my "not to do" if you want to start with a clothing line. Sending a design to a printing company cost a bit and you have to raise your prices higher to make ends meet and not a lot of people will buy 18-20 dollar shirt esp if you are just starting....

    Its great to meet someone who understand the same concept. I got some ideas you might be interested in. I made this at home and it worked wonders. Im not sure if there is something similar to this that you can do at home.
    Btw. This is my husband doing all the work :)

    IMG_0264 (1024x683).jpg
    IMG_0277 (1024x683).jpg

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  16. I definitely understand, and that looks great!!! If you can send me over an email at . Yes Teespring and other sites like them have prices that I wouldn't make a dime if I wanted them to be affordable. Have you ever tried Heat Presses?
  17. got your email. just sent you another picture.
  18. My style is very similar to my husband (i guess thats why we get along so well) :)
  19. Hey Guys!
    Just thought I should let you know, this venture is not closing, but will be on hold for a few months. After much talk with Jerilee, we ended with waiting it out and building an audience. I started a twitter account recently based all around Jesus. Bible Verses, Quotes, Song Lyrics, Etc. And have been trying to post consistently 5-10 times a day. So far, I am hitting a great success and have found myself reaching 10-15 retweets on some verses. Would love for Y'all to follow me at @werethechurch .

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