Christian blog evangelism

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  1. Christian blog evangelism

    Blogs in general
    Blogs which is short for 'weblogs' are a great way of sharing your thoughts to the world. There are many kinds of blogs on topics ranging from politics to sports to education etc. Christian have also been using this media for evangelism. You can search for existing blogs from directories such as Blogarama, Technorati, Blogcatalog and so on. For christian blogs, we have directories such as Blog4God, ChristianBlog and Christian Forum Site blogs.

    For a beginner's guide to blogging, Visit

    Blogs for evangelism
    Writers at believes that we cannot use blogs for online outreach in the same way as conventional websites for certain reasons. They have compiled a good article on how to blog effectively. Visit their site here:

    Christian Forum Site blogs - Yup! We have one too.
    Christian Forum Site also has a section where you can create and maintain your christian blog (journal). This blogging system contains the most popular features found in any Blog systems today. It supports blog listing, user journals, categories, tags, favorites, subscriptions, comments, ratings, custom fields, content blocks, syndication, and much more! Each account also comes with a short easy-to-remember url (
  2. Thanks Jeff.
    This is valuable info for an old web surfin brother in Christ.
  3. Can you beleive it. I had to write this post around four times just because internet explorer crashed on my pc. :eek: And everytime I write, the lines just get shorter and shorter because I am in a hurry to finish it off. lol
  4. Jeff, please,

    Internet Explorer is not just a peice of junk, it is also a major security issue.

    Try a real browser, FireFox -- yes, it's free, and no doubt the best freeware you will experience.

    Download the web developer extensions for help in doing websites (like for just one example, I can look at your source code with a couple clicks, while I look at this web site).

    M Paul
  5. Thanks M Paul. I think its time I try Firefox. I was just too used to IE. ;)

  6. IE6 or IE7?
  7. Heh Jeff when my computer gets a little sluggish or starts acting peculiar I usually run adaware and clean out all the spyware it has accumulated- it makes a world of difference.
  8. Good idea. But I dont think my comp can handle one more program. :D
  9. Good resources, Jeff, thank you. However, allow me to make a small observation. Blogs4God is not a directory, but a Digg-like site, a content management system that allows people to propose and vote news.

    I hope you don;t mind, I just felt I had to make this observation.

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