Christian Bale Gets Biblical In "exodus: Gods And Kings" Trailer

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  1. I'm sure they'll make Moses out to be a madman just like Noah...
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  2. :( I heard the Russell Crowe Noah movie was horrible. Not even close to following scripture. And that surprised me given Russell Crowe is suppose to be a devout Catholic. I'm shocked he would agree to portray the Biblical patriarch in a movie that diverged from scripture so radically.
  3. They are actors first, Christians second
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  4. Yes, I suppose so.
    It would probably be a short lived career if they enacted religious conscience when considering a script.
  5. Christian first or not a Christian at all.
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  6. You don't know anyone's heart.

    I'm excited about the movie. Christian Bale is a great actor.
  7. Is Christian Bale playing moses?
  8. Yes, he is.
    Not my first choice but...:speechless:
  9. (y) they should have some smiley for ROFL
  10. They should have animated smileys. They're so much fun. [​IMG] <<<That's a favorite. Found here

    A prayer smiley would be great too. Animated or not we should have one in a Christian forum. :) This is a Bing source that shows prayer emoticons
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