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  1. Have you experienced any problems, like those mentioned in the reviews?
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  2. So far, so good. No problems at all.
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  3. Like others here I use Olive Tree. It has great resources attached to it if required. Many members of the clergy that I know all have this app on their phones and pads.
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  4. Like many others, I use the Olive Tree Bible Study app. I have it on my phone, my pad, and my desktop machine.

    Not only does it provide access to many versions, but it also supports many dictionaries, commentaries, devotionals, and other aids.

    I also use Kindle a lot for devotionals and aids. Many times a Kindle title is also available on Audible, and when I am particularly lazy, I will have the audio playing while the Kindle keeps up, highlighting the text as the book is read to me.
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