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  1. What Christian mobile apps do you use? :)

    I use the YouVersion Bible app. I haven't found anything else really useful.
  2. I use the Word of Promise NKJV bible reader. I like it a lot. My only complaints is that it is kind of expensive, the music is a bit repetitive, and I didn't like the voice actor's quality that portrays Jesus, and sometimes when the verse wraps to the other page you can't read along. Besides all that it is good. I give it a 4 stars only because perhaps of my ignorance of knowing something like it that is better and because it really does help me enjoy the Word.
  3. While not a Christian app in itself, I use the Online Radio UK app to listen to UCB Bible, a 24/7 Bible-reading radio station in London. (It is also available on some other internet radio apps, as well as through your web browser.)

    UCB Bible has various readers reading from the NIV, and Alexander Scourby reading KJV. Some of the readers do a very good job of bringing the text to life (...others not so good in my opinion, but still listenable.) I listen in the morning as I shower, etc, and sometimes in the evening before going to sleep. It's not a substitute for reading or studying yourself, but I find it quite helpful. Another thing I like is I hear portions of scripture that I did not plan to read that day - that I might need that day.
  4. ...and Bible app wise, I use MySword for Android.
  5. I use the YouVersion as well. However, it crashes a lot and I've had to delete it a few times because it messes up to a point where I can't search for scriptures.
  6. I use YouVersion, Our Daily Bread, Bible Gateway (all available for Android) and also e-Sword HD and Blue Letter Bible on my iPad (which is going away). I'll really miss e-Sword.
  7. Dang Jeff, you beat me to this topic!

    I use a lot of apps.

    NASB Bible by Tecarta:
    For reading as well as highlighting as well as notes and stuff. You can make an account and sync your highlights etc. I love this app. It's super smooth and I love the way the highlighting looks as well as all the options.

    And Bible:
    This is like E Sword for Android man! I use this for study on my phone. It isn't as feature heavy as some other apps but you have the Greek and Hebrew lexicons as well as some other books. It's prettier than My Sword and runs a bit better. I don't like My Sword. They do the "donation" thing and if you don't donate over $50 you can't get the deluxe version. Really? $50 for an app? Also, I think they are cutting out the Play Store by not taking the money through them. Most other apps have a donate version so why can't they do the same? Because they want all of that money for their selves, that' s why.

    Fighter Verses
    Great for memorizing Bible Verses! Some of the features aren't available if you aren't using the ESV but it's still a great app.
    I use this for listening to the audio Bible. I was using Youversion's app but it was so glitchy that I couldn't tolerate it anymore. also gives you the option to download the audio bible which is great for tablets with no data connection.

    Our Daily Bread

    I bought this sucker for 99 cents and now it's free. Oh well. It isn't my favorite devotional but its fun to read and it has daily reminders.

    NLT:The Bible Study App

    Olive Tree apps have a crap ton of options. Like, you can seriously change nearly everything about the looks of it and it runs buttery smooth. I read from this when I'm tired of more literal translations.

    YouVersion just did a major update for their app. Maybe they have finally fixed all the issues with it.
  8. I use YouVersion.. I also have apps for different ministries.. Some of them I frequently use are Grace To You, Ligonier, Insight for Living.. I also have one app which has lyrics for more than 1000 Tamil Christian songs (Indian native language).. Comes in very handy for worship at small family get togethers.. Or family prayers as well..
  9. I've only scanned the PlayStore quickly and haven't downloaded anything. I think the only thing I'd want is something light weight that works off line (my phone is PAYG) and enables me to search for text and chapter/verse references.

    I did start playing with an app of my own a couple of weeks ago but I'm undecided as to whether I'll finish it and even if I did, it would not be a PlayStore app. I used a free text version of the KJV which I'd already converted to MySQL. The app uses an SQLite database and a FTS3 table for a full text search on the database. I only got as far as the keyword search and at the moment (assuming I resume) am only really interested in the functioning of the database. If anyone wanted a look at how far I got, it is here. The first search is slow as the way things are at the moment, that triggers the unzipping and copying of the database from the assets folder in to the location where the device can use it.
  10. "And Bible" all day long, my friend. You can download different versions, look up words in Greek and Hebrew lexicon, read books by Spurgeon and others, and it also has different commentaries.

    If you're looking for something more simple you can go with Tecarta's bible apps. You can highlight and underline and add notes. If I didn't care about having an audio bible or the lexicons it would probably be my only bible app.
  11. Thanks, I've just had a very quick look at them.

    And Bible is rather more that I want at the moment.

    For me, Tecarta may be worth going for. One of my initial observations is that search is weaker than the one in my attempt so far. ie. with the FTS3 table I'm using:

    god -said: matches verses containing god but not containing said.
    god OR said: matches verses containing either god or said.
    go* would match any word starting go

    and doesn't do the references I was thinking of adding (eg type in gen 1:3 in the search box)

    but perhaps that wouldn't be a problem and it seems to work in similar way to the way I had in mind, I might find I use annotations and it can use more than one bible.
  12. Tecarta also has references and commentary, but some of them are only free if you are connected to the Internet.

    You may also want to try any of the Olive Tree apps. The search may be better on there
  13. Try this app... I just released it on the pay store. It's dedicated to making searching through the word easy

    Intended to make searching through the word easy. I am trying to get the word out (literally). It would be a blessing for you to help. Spread the good news.
  14. I like it so far, but you're kind of spamming the board, my friend.
  15. Sorry about that. I will stop. Just trying to get the word out. Any help will be appreciated.God Bless. Feel free to give me feedback though the playstore
  16. Sure. I'll use it a but more and then rate and review it. You should hang around. We're always happy to have another member!
  17. Sure will. I need to surround myself with good people.

    Proverbs 13:20

    He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.
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  18. Hey Huntingteckel... This is Deezel... not sure if you remember me, but a few months ago I was posting and working on an android bible app. I was going through some things in my phone and saw some of those post. Anyway wanted to say thanks for your support during that time. I hope things are doing good for you. Just wanted to say God Bless and I pray that you remain strong in the Lord.
  19. HT is gone. He left a some weeks ago.
  20. Jesus Life is pretty good for IOS, it has music, a gallery, books etc for free.
    I have also downloaded the Joyce Meyer app but I think the teachings are suited to a personal taste.
    Lastly, I have Bible Gateway which has many Bible translations to use online and offline.

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