Christ was born

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  1. Christ was born

    God came down,some were drawn and worshiped, others were completely clueless to the manifest presence of the Living God. I wonder if the world today is any different. "Wise men still seek Him".
  2. Bethlehem was not ready for Him, Jerusalem killed Him.

    Is the church ready for Him?

    Are we ready for Him?

    Wise words!
  3. Our King is born!

    I pray that all the glitter, lights and tinsel will not outshine
    His humble birth...
    that the lowly manger will be seen as it has become;
    His throne
    and His swaddling clothes;
    His royal robe
    that the gifts presented will be seen as they symbolize:
    gold-for his Kingship
    frankincense-for his death
    myrrh-in homage to God
    and the bowing of the knee of the Magi (wise men)
    will be an example to ALL of how we should come into HIS presence; with humility, awe and worship
    for OUR KING has come!!!


    May this Christmas be a "Happy Jesus Birthday"
    and the beginning of a NEW LIFE for you
    as you celebrate the coming of Your Savior and Lord.

  4. Is there room in the Inn of our hearts? That is the question is it not Kevin.:)
  5. Very Nice Worshipper!:D:D:D:):cool:

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