christ saves christians

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  1. christ saves christians

    so my question is this,?who saves muslims,jewish,buddists,catholics,prodestants,evangelists,jehovah witnesses,samaritans,etc,etc,etc.who saves them?
  2. sorry missed scientology,or should i say fancanstein,s parents.:eek:
  3. No matter what they call themselves they are all hopelessly lost until the come to the Living Christ Himself.
  4. Act 4:12 And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved."

    Joh 14:6 Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

  5. Christ does not save christians...he saves matter what their former belief.
  6. so who then do they follow?they ask christ,thus making themselves christian,following,christ.yashua said we will have a diffrent name,and christians have lasted through time following christ.
  7. sorry m8 ,if your saved your christian,your not buddist saved then buddist again.there is a verse of a dog eating it,s own vomit.

  8. You missed the point...until we were saved we were not Chirstians...a person is not born a christian to follow christ...a person is saved by christ and then becomes a christian then follows that order.
  9. Just how do you know how many and which muslims, Hindos, scientoligist, JWs, LDSs, etc are not following Christ???? How do you know which "Christians" you congregate with do?????
    Because they call you brother??? Because they carry a bible and listen "Christian" music????? Because they speak the same dogma as those you run with???? You think there is only one way to follow Christ?? There is only one path, ,one church bus to heaven????
    What????? because you think you set in the right seat in the right row, in the right church and answer the right questions with the right answers you are saved?????? Think again. . .

    Jesus can bring disciples up from the stones on the ground, if he so chooses.
    No individual is out of the reach of God's grace. Therefore, no hindo ,arab or even aithiest is any farther from salvation than you or I.

    When you look out and see no jews, LDS, JW, Hindo, Christian, only those who are sinners, lost, in need of the grace of God then you are one of his. And when you look into the mirror and see the same as you see when you look into the eyes of another, then my freind, you a true Christian.

    Salvation is not a group project, not a matter of getting on the right bus. our father doesn't redeem in batches based on what we perceive. He judges the individual by the individuals heart.
    When we stop the sectarian judgmentalism and see individuals as individuals ,then and only then are we following Jesus.
  10. ~gives standing ovation~

    That was absolutly brilliant!:)

  11. Cliff ..... I would say you nailed it brother . Good post .:goodpost::goodpost::goodpost: Christ came to seek and to save those who are lost.
  12. Mike, Jehovah sent Jesus to die on the cross to save a lost and dying world. In other words everyone and anyone is welcomed in the Christian Kingdom if they choose Jesus as their Lord and Savior, no matter what they did or believed before they made that decision. If you remember, the bible says that God laid out and executed the plan of Salvation before the foundation of the word which means before He even made the first human being He had the way ready for us to come to Him. We can;t think in 3dimentional ways when we think about God. He is multidimensional and His time line is very different than ours. There is no one born of a certain religion but rather we are all born with Adam's sin nature as well as with an unquenchable thirst and need for Jesus and as we grow and mature and come to the age of accountability we all make a choice: Yes or No to Jesus! He saves EVERYONE that comes to Him and calls on Him and this is how people become Christians. They are not born that way but rather reborn into Christ's kingdom.

  13. if saved are christian.
  14. so the only people who ever get saved are
  15. Mike .... I think you missed the point . Anyone can be a " Born Again" Christian if they accept Jesus . I think you are confusing the title Christian as many put that title on themselves but they aren't neccessarily born again.
  16. you can only be a true christian through, i was not a true christian until lately,i thought i was,lol.but nowhere near.

  17. Amen , Mike . You got it and I am glad you are part of the family of God .:D
  18. you too dusty.:)
  19. That blesses my soul Mike!:D

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