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  1. In a sermon this weekend, a friend confessed to the congregation that he'd not been himself for sometime. Several weeks ago, John noticed that he'd not had the energy that he'd always had and as the days went on, his condition worsened. He'd come home from his music teaching job and collapse on the couch for a nap, something he'd never been in the habit of doing before. His wife noticed his decline in health and thought perhaps the thyroid trouble that ran in his family was to blame. As a vegetarian, and a young man of 29 in good shape who loves Jesus, he began to fall into depression, thinking that perhaps it wasn't a thyroid problem at all, but something much worse. So, he turned to the Savior and prayed a heartfelt prayer, confessing that he knew Jesus knew what the problem was, and that if it was His will, He would reveal it to him - and if it was not His will, then he would accept whatever fate awaited him.

    Last weekend, he awoke Sunday morning feeling surprisingly well with energy and vigor that he'd not known for some time. Being a man who is not one to sit still, he decided to make use of this good fortune by mowing the lawn (down here in the New Orleans area, the grass still grows like crazy this time of year). In the middle of the incessant noise of the mower and thinking about if perhaps some recent change had brought on his sudden decline in health, he suddenly had a thought:

    "Check your aftershave".

    He remembered that he'd begun using a different brand of aftershave that his wife brought home a few weeks earlier, but dismissed it as a random, unrelated thought. After finishing up and going back inside to cool off, the words came again:

    "Check your aftershave."

    Annoyed that the thought wouldn't leave him alone, he wondered how in the world could his new aftershave have anything to do with anything. As he continued on through his day, the words came again.

    "Check you aftershave."

    Finally, he went into the bathroom and pulled down the old, almost empty bottle and the new bottle he'd been using for the past few weeks, looked them over, then for some reason began comparing the ingredients. As he went down the list, one stood out on the label of his new aftershave that was curiously absent from the old: Glycol Propylene. "What the heck is that?" he wondered. A quick internet search revealed what it was: a chemical used as an active agent found in ANTIFREEZE.

    Ten minutes later (and several alarming stories of people who had suffered from glycol propylene poisoning ranging from the symptoms he'd been experiencing to death), he knew that God had revealed the answer to him. During the visit to the doctor which soon followed, he impatiently listened to John's theory before immediately dismissing it as all but ridiculous and assured John that his family's medical history almost certainly pointed to the problem and ordered some thyroid tests.

    All of them came back negative.

    As John stood this weekend preaching a powerful message about the Great Physician and giving Jesus the glory for the ability to do what he confessed would have been impossble just a few short days before - stand and preach for almost an hour - we were all reminded that the Great Physician is always on duty, always makes housecalls, and we can trust His word to the point that we are never in need of a second opinion
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  2. I am very worried about your friend. He is likely anemic from a B12 or iron deficiency. I'm sorry, but I don't buy the propylene glycol thing. It sounds pretty crazy to me. Propylene glycol is in many things, and not considered hazardous, and certainly not when it is placed on the skin. I hope his physician knows he is vegetarian and has checked his B12, which is rarely checked. And also, that his physician knows that even on the low range for B12 can cause serious symptoms. If he wants, he can go ahead and test this by taking some B12 and iron supplements.
  3. If he trusts in the lord there should be no worry
  4. Thanks for you concern, my friend. John's back to his old self since he's switched back to his other after shave, praise God. He's still consumes B-12 from the dairy and eggs that he uses. As a vegan, I have to ensure that I take my B-12 supplements regularly to avoid the very thing you spoke of. :)
  5. I think that is amazing, nothing less. I must say that Lord has a way in helping us out all the time, whether we know it or not. ;).
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  6. Only as a side note......every single thing we put on or in our bodies has some kind of side effects. Some we see right away and some are more subtle.
  7. Side effects of healthy eating and lifestyle is longevity, vitality, and health! Check out the 5 Blue Zones, one of which is found right here in the U.S. in Loma Linda, Calif. Unlike the others where the inhabitants share a common genetic background, the common denominator among the many varied genetic backgrounds in Loma Linda is that they are all members of a church denomination which advocates or a healthy diet and lifestyle. Many centenarians there, some still getting their drivers license renewed!
  8. Misunderstanding Phoneman. The "everything" I was referring to was medication we take hopeing to feel better from it. The conversation was about aftershave and then B-12. Sorry for the confusion. I was not even thinking about healthy eating.
  9. I wholeheartedly concur! "People need to be taught that drugs do not cure disease. It is true that they sometimes afford present relief...but the drug only changes the form and location of the disease." - The Ministry of Healing, 1905

    Lo and behold, the first ever recorded (to my knowledge) description of SIDE EFFECTS!
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