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  1. hey everyone! :)
    If you have facebook, then could you like this page I have on it?
    The page is called, "Chremo" (without the quotation marks). On the page I offer alternative emo bands to listen to instead of what the world throws out. I could really use all of your support and prayers for this; I believe that God can/will use this! People are hating emo's for no good reason and it really bothers me. It makes me sick to my stomache to hear Christians post hateful things about emos. Right now they need Jesus more than ever before, and all that everyone is giving them is hate! We are all Emo, or emotional; God has given us Emotions so that we may experience just a little bit what God feels like since we are made in His Image. But the world has corrupted the true meaning of emo... Emo is meant to be happy, to be creative in what God has given you and Glory will be given to God. That is my belief... like me, hate me... it will never change my love for God and the things He has given me :)
    so here is the link to the Facebook page (mods, you can delete it if I'm violating the rules here lol):
  2. It's not quite my style of music but I hear the message. God uses ALL kinds of ways to communicate. This type of music speaks well to the youth and they can suck it in.
    No my young friend you are not breaking rules. I can see you love Jesus by the way you post.:). We don't hate you at all. I encourage you to keep going with God and to share the truth with the youth my little brother from another mother . may God bless you abundantly! :)

    Uncle Chili out.
  3. Thanks! :)
    hahaha lol... some forums you have to let a moderator know about a link, and some forums get a bit iffy when it comes to links to social networking sites lol!
    Thanks! :)
  4. Wellll my friend.........we do support FaceBook for Christ and we do see a lot of you tube vids. So ya... keep doin what ur doin :)

    Chili out.
  5. This is def my style :p
    I listen to lots of worship music, but I do like some heavy metal, hard rock, etc.
    I think this is a very good ministry! I'll def like your page :)

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