Chilis' Ghost chilis'

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  1. Chilis' Ghost chilis'

    This is my friend Daniel. We were at last break. The guy takin the video is a new guy that had just tried a peice of my ghost chili. Daniel grabbed the bag from him and started to eat them (plural) Well the vid tels itself. I will be just to the left of the screen laffin my butt off. 2 other guys are laffin very hard to see Daniel burn up. the guy that yells OMG he ate 3!! thats me. Laffin so hard I can hardly breathe. Too bad the new guy cut it short cuz Daniel ate a can of peaches in 2 bites, a banana in 2 bites, 1/2 a loaf of bread, and 2 quarts of water ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have fun at werk

  2.!!!!...goodness's the pint of milk
  3. He may have suffered a chemiacl burn!:eek:

    My cousin sat at the table and ate a Habenero pepper. Trying to convince my wife to try one he he sat straight faced and said that is not to bad. The way his face turned red and the sweat that was running down his forehead said different.:p
  4. These chilis rate at a extreme 1,000,000 + on the scovile unit of heat measurement. They got the Guines book of world record as being the hottest pepper in the world. A Habanero comes in at 500,000 units. The red savina Habanero used to hold the record @ 600,000 until the Bhut Jolokia "Ghost chili" came in and whomped all over this 1. God isssss goood! He knows how to make chilis' :cool::D
  5. Well sorry to say but I would not want to be around the next day when the guy has to go to the washroom..... Ha ha
  6. Yes, milk works much better than water when you eat something HOT! I like jalapeno peppers (with the seeds) and eat them in and on a lot of things.
  7. I worked with a guy who ate 17 hot sausage sandwiches, He is a big heavy guy and when he noticed no one eating them he ate them all "so they would not go to waste."
    The next day at work he spent half his time in the bathroom. I offered him a bag of ice and a fire extinguisher-:p.
  8. :D:D:D:D:D..... He he some people will never learn.

  9. OK Here is the good news!! They do not burn on the way out believe it or not. Jalapenos burn every time. I dont understand it but I will not complain. Every one I asked that has eatin my ghost chili say the same thing. So God really is good cuz HES' coverin our 6, sorry... pilot talk..6 is your tail, like a clock, 12 is your nose, 9 left, 3 right. The next vid will be me! Chili against a chili. Prolly september when the fruit is ripe.:bow: TY Jesus for your bounty Amen.
  10. Well , Chili..... I ain't takin no chances ..... Thanks but no thanks ..... He he :(:(
  11. I like pepper but pepper no longer like me.:eek:

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