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  1. children

    if you do not show children good things ,there is no future.
  2. ...and sometimes "good" can hurt.

    Example: It was on the news last week (anybody see it?) where a kid kept on stealing money from his parents' wallets. So the parents made him go and stand at an intersection, holding a sign that read: "I stole money from my mom and dad!"

    Some people were angry about it and said the child should be taken away...but I think: Right on!

    Better to have the kid hurt now than to grow up in constant pain. I applaud the parents for doing the right thing. It's going to make the kid a better person when he grows up; knowing that if he does anything wrong, there's consequences to face.:)
  3. no your missing the point showing them how good works.
  4. I like that, wish I thought of it... Their's this one kid, he would have a Billboard :D
  5. I've graduated from a billboard to a sandwich-board sign.:eek:

    (sorry if I missed the point, Smelly...let me ponder it some more, mmkay? I know there's a message there to learn by. :) )
  6. Amen Mike!
    Joh 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
  7. :D yeah, I saw this too...made my kids watch. A glimpse of other mom's punishment ideas...a good thing! :D

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