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  1. My childhood nickname was Jesus - I don't even know why to this day. I don't resemble Jesus in the slightest from the images you see of Him.
    I have tried to find out why I had this nickname but I have't been successful. I wasn't even strong in faith at this time.
    I think; was it a sign that following Jesus is the path I needed? ;)

    I'd be interested to hear your childhood nicknames.
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  2. This is a family Christian Site !!
    I can't post those names here.
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  3. Oh, I see. :giggle:
  4. Mel, Lisha, Lisa, just a few that I can remember lol :)
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  5. They're not bad. What do you prefer to be called?
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  6. I don't really mind :) "Mel" would probably be the most common one.
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  7. I was mostly called "Junior." Except for one friend of mine who called me "Wolfgang." I wore a cap once that he said made me look like a wolf.
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  8. Amongst others and maybe running to my early 20s, I've been:

    Taff/Taffy - I was born in England but lived in Wales few years that school time round and the school I went to in Kent when we moved back to England for a while decided to call me that.

    Dave and Fred. - Well sort of, people decided on my real name before they knew me and thought they were right..
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  9. Drifting a bit from the original but I liked some of the nicknames for teachers at school. Some maybe were a bit mean but I'll give:

    Digger - a touch before my time at that school but his name was Mr Graves.
    Oscar - He was really Mr Shaw but I guess Oscar Wilde and GB Shaw were both Irish playwrights.
    Crusty - A Mr Baker
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  10. As a child my sister always called me bird brain. But now that I have aged a lot, my favorite nickname is from a girl at work, who calls me Gramppa Baby face.
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