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  1. My question is what is my position on a cheating husband? I am a born again christian, baptized and Holy Spirit filled, I read the bible and practiced doing good and serving people and worshipping God and praying all day. Today I heard my husband on the phone talking to a women, i could hear her voice clearly. My husband said to her that he will solve all her problems and take her out to dinner. She said she couldn't really hear him so she would talk to him later. He saw me standing there, i ask him who was he talking to, he said he was talking to Glen, a friend of ours. I told him i heard a women voice. He will not talk to me about it. He has women friends and I'm not comfortable with him hanging out with women and giving them lots of money. He is not a christian and threaten to leave me if I continue to serve Jesus. Now I feel I should leave him because he's having relationship with several women over our 19 yr marriage. I want to be our obedient to God and I will be obedient. I just feel like he's not honoring our marriage and being disrespectful of it. I don't have a pastor to talk to. I just joined a church, but have not made any real connections yet except one lady who is awesome.
  2. Also we are older people, He's 84 and I am 56. I know right, lol we should not be having these problem
  3. I'm so VERY sorry to hear about this. I really am. All you're answers are found in 1 Corinthians 7. Read it in different versions and let the Spirit speak to you so you can follow His advice. I'll be praying for you.
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  4. Thank you, i will read it and study it and mediate on it, I am all so fasting

  5. We Will be praying for you Angela! For wisdom and direction.
    love to you!
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  6. Will keep you in my prayers.. That Spirit of God will give guidance and comfort as well
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  7. You would think he would be more receptive to hearing about Jesus and the afterlife at that age.

    Adultery is never something we should assume. It is a major evil even for the unsaved. It does seem like it is a real possibility given his 'money?', age and abnormal bashing of Christianity. I know a few saved with unsaved and they don't get too bashed. Unless something is up.
  8. Update: The very same day of first post God came at end of day, and I knew no matter what my husband was doing for all of eternaty I wanted my legacy to be that I stayed with him and fight with and for him in Christ Jesus.

    So I first only talked to my husband about situation. He would say nothing. Then I went to one of his daughters and him. He would not talk to her about what he was doing. I then went to 3 of my children about this. My eldest ask me if he could speak to my husband , I said yes. They agreed to meet on a certain day time and place. My husband told my son what was going on. I don't know what they discussed, what I do know is that things have changed and continue to change for the better.
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  9. Amen! Glory to God!
  10. God knows who is the right person to talk with your husband about this! Thanks for sharing the update. Praise the Lord!!
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  11. I am glad to hear this. I do feel with you, and hope and pray things continue for the better and that your husband turns his life over to Jesus Christ.
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