Charis Has Been Banned

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by HisManySongs, Jul 23, 2014.

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  1. Just so Members know.

    Charis has been banned for creating a different account after being permanently banned from the site under another name.

    He attempted to create accounts on two other occasions, but was caught while registering.

    A match of IP addresses was used to confirm his identity.
  2. Was it Mitspa? Lol. I figured he'd get banned. Making threads for the sole purpose of insulting mods isn't exactly a good idea.
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  3. Thanks for the info.
  4. Makes one wonder what people get out of doing that sort of thing.

    If he just wanted to be obnoxious he could go over to CARM. They seem to enjoy that sort of thing.
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  5. What is CARM anyway?
  6. No, not Mitspa
  7. It's another "christian forum" on the web. Has forums for almost any religion you could imagine.
    It also has practically no moderation and some of the most obnoxious people you could imagine posting there.
  8. CARM is hugely anti-Catholic, and tries to pass itself off as a reliable information source.
  9. Well, that's good. I just knew it was someone that had been on the site before and Mitspa seemed like a logical choice considering the timing. Although, that doesn't seem like something Mitspa would do.

    I used to like CARM but it seems like in the past year it's gone to crap. All they post there is stuff to upset people to get more traffic.
  10. I think it is a good thing to post something that teaches the Catholic about the hope he has when he places his faith in Jesus Christ for salvation. Too many Catholics I have talked to literally state they do not know if they will be received into heaven. That, folks, is no hope.

    As Christians we need to know who we are in Christ. Far too many do not.

    This article is better:
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  11. The fair, but there's a difference between addressing Catholics who haven't been indulged in the faith and Catholicism itself.
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  12. The idea is not that Catholics don't know if they will get into heaven, the idea is that they are to remain humble about it. This is why a Catholic doesn't walk around calling him/herself "saved", because it's presumptuous. A Catholic strives for salvation their entire life, but never makes it a foregone conclusion.

    To "teach" Catholics about what they already know (but understand differently) is just going to irritate and insult them.
  13. [​IMG]God bring him peace.
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  14. You mean there is a difference between addressing unbelievers and the religion they adhere to? To me, it is the people we need to address. People are important.
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  15. You misunderstood what I said. I meant when addressing Catholics. Naturally we need to address everyone. That's our mission.
  16. That's a false humility you are talking about. As believers we have a hope and a calling, and that calling is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. We rejoice in our salvation! Joy is our trademark! Confidence in who we are in Christ is important! I think you need to understand what true humility is. We don't have to strive for salvation! It is a free gift!
  17. Can we not do this again, Euphemia? We know you disagree with the Catholic faith.
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  18. It isn't false humility, it simply refuses to put words in God's mouth. We are not God and it is not our place to pronounce ourselves saved.
  19. Yes, it is false humility. We are to rejoice in our salvation.
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