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  1. No I don't belong to a church. I am looking hard though. If I don't find one, it won't mean I didn't try. Not too many around here where I live. Don't hate me if I don't find one.
  2. Not to sound rude, but since I can't delete my last post, I will post something here.

    I don't feel like I have to report to any single one of you about my church life. So, please don't ask about it anymore.
  3. I have been to many churches over my lifetime, pray that you will find one that feels like family. Meanwhile, you are in the family of believers anyway, so welcome!

  4. That's all I'm asking Julie. I feel like I'm in a family of believers here than the last forum I was on. They kept bossing me around.
  5. It's hard to show love on the internet Dana. Most who are always friendly and saying what you want to hear are more likely your enemy. Prov 27:6 Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.

    Any Christian going to any effort to reply to you with a bit of a 'whip' wants to grab you / are driven by a desire to save you. You must see that! Even if they are wrong! This reminds me of Jehovah witnesses :ROFLMAO:. I love them! I know many get annoyed, but we are all in the wrong! They may speak rubbish and push their belief on us, but they don't know they are speaking rubbish! They are driven by love and compassion for us! That should touch us! Devout JW's are not far from finding Christ!
  6. KingJ, I do not believe that at all. I have many friends I met from the internet, and they care about me. So, saying that to me is wrong. You are totally not making sense.
  7. I know what she means. By submitting her life to God , her life will be better.
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    Then keep reading Prov 27:6 until it does make sense. If we take correction personally are we not vein? I am not saying anyone should call you names. Were you called names and personally attacked on prior forums? If it was just scripture disagreement you need to examine yourself for pride.
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    She? :). I would have seen it the same as you Chili if he never started this thread off with the 'positive' nonsense. Have you ever listened properly to positive teachers? Ever considered the impact it is having on Christianity?

  10. I was basically trying to learn about the bible, and one of the moderators said something like,"if you don't find a church family, you will be banned."
  11. So, KingJ, you believe thinking positively is totally wrong? I feel it's good to think positively from time to time.

    I am Gods clay, so He is going to mold me into the person He knows I can be. If that means changing my life for the positive, then that's what will happen. You guys can think what you want. I just started this thread to share I'm changing my life.
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    A moderator is not randomly chosen. It is an 'office' like a deacon. We must respect them. I cannot think of a single Christian site where a moderator would say that without cause. If it is simply as you say, then I agree with you leaving! ;).
  13. Dana, you use the term innocently. I am wrong to come down on you. Read the link I gave in post # 29 and let me know your thoughts. You will see where I coming from.
  14. KingJ, basically what I got from the article is that it can be a good thing to be positive. And sometimes it can be dangerous in the church and preaching. Some preachers preach about only good things about the bible, and we need to have the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth told to us.
  15. "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." Phil 4:8
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  16. yes keep trusting God!! trust him and he will deliver. the devil may try to sway you but hold on to your faith in him :) well done!!
  17. Changing my life also means sometimes ignoring ppl in my life that are rude to me. That means on the internet as well as in real life.
  18. dear friend,
    i don't hate you.
    but i know plenty of christians who will quote scriptures at you
    while you're waiting on God's provision of a church.
    don't get under condemnation about the wait time and hurry out
    and get into a church where you can pick up a lot of baggage.
    God has you all to Himself right now.....
    just draw close to Him
    and rest in knowing He's got this 'churchthing' figured out.
    been there.......done that.
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  19. Okay, cyberlink. I see what you're saying. I have talked this church thing to death. I am moving on to other important things in regards to The Lord.
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  20. So is there any other advice about me changing my life? I hope so.

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