Chabad Temple seminar rankles Islamists

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Boanerges(Inactive), Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Lot of strife over there. Of course the Islamists do not want the Zionists (Jews,gentiles and even christians who believe that the temple mount is where the New Temple will be standing) talking about the New Temple and where it will be built so close to the observance of the destruction of the first Temple...OY!!! This is the same mount that the Dome of the Rock (Islamic temple) sits upon so it is obvious that they are taking this as a threat and feel a little uncomfortable about even hearing about it.

    I am so glad that our God is SO much bigger than any Temple; this really should just show us what the Islamists are putting their faith in.:eek:
    Jesus said that even if the temple be destroyed; he would raise it up again in 3 days; speaking of His bodily resurrection...He tells us not to fear what man can do to the body (maybe even the Temple; since the Jews have not had it since 70 A.D. (?)) but be more concerned about what man can do to your soul (which is nothing!!!)

    :israel:shaul shalom yerushalayim; pray for the peace of jerusalem...
  2. So . . . do you think there will really be a Jewish temple built on the Temple Mount, where the Islamists have a temple built? Is it a kind of threat do you think? Is this something that the Bible prophesys?


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