CFS Presents a skit called: "Moving In"

Discussion in 'Thoughts for Today' started by godbe4me, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. You've really been there for me this last year. It hasn't been easy, you know....

  2. I know. Um…Were you able to find a new job in Seattle?
  3. No----which is no surprise. Andy got a pretty good job, though. I guess I won't be going back to work for a while. I'm supposed to start going to these "support group" meetings.......Now, where's the box with those sweaters?

  4. Oh, Cici! There’s that lamp you bought last fall when we went to the flea market down on Highway 95. Remember the look on Andy’s face when you brought it home?
  5. Yeah. How could I forget?

  6. And then that night, we all went back to the hospital together for the Halloween party….Remember? For all the nursing staff? Dr. Jacobs was pretending to be a river dancer…
  7. Here you go, Brenda.....At least now no one can say I stole anything from you.
  8. Stole, you know, took what wasn't mine.

  9. Oh, Cici. Listen….I’m sorry. I forgot----Listen, I know it’s been tough ever since---
  10. Ever since what? I got fired. Just say it: Cici Williams got fired from the hospital for taking syringes out of the supply cabinet. Well, I didn't do it, OK?
  11. It was an inventory mistake.
  12. I mean, one false accusation, and they can ruin your whole life!!!!

  13. Yeah….Oh! I forgot all about this one! Oh, what’s that?
  14. Nothing. It's, um--------

  15. It’s a syringe….
  16. Somebody must have put that in my drawer.

  17. It was you.
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