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  1. CFS Outreach Ministry

    CFS Outreach Ministry

    I just noticed this this morning.
    I was wondering…
    When did this start?
    How many members know it’s there?
    Why are there so many questions not answered?

    I noticed one atheist’s question is about 6 weeks old and he never received an answer. Back when I was an atheist, if I would have posted a question on here and did not receive an answer, well… that would have been an answer in itself for me. And not a very good answer I might add.
  2. WhoAmI - That area is still in it's design stage and is being tested for operational software protocols. All questions submitted through that non-member portal are manually screened by the Administrator himself and since he is very busy this time of year with University responsibilities, the area is essentially on hold at this time pending some technical details that must be worked out. Thank you for the question.
  3. Thanks.
    Like I said, I just noticed it this morning, and then had to go to work. I didn’t get a chance to look into it more. I looked at a couple, and one of them, with the first few sentences, it could have been me writing it years ago. I know exactly where he is in his mind and in his heart, and I just felt broken hearted thinking he never got an answer. That’s what I wanted back then. I wanted to know “something”… “anything” I was very sad and lost.

    If there is anything I can do to help out with that section, please let me know.
    God bless
  4. Thanks, Dean - I'll make certain that Jeff gets the message. :)
  5. Wow. We need to point them to Christ. These are searching souls that need guidance. May the Lord use us all to water and sow.
  6. I posted to a couple some time ago, but it took days for my post to appear. I understand why we need to screen replies, but the process was so cumbersome I gave it up. Maybe we need a process where certain individuals are permitted to post, rather than having to approve each post. It may be rather involved to "vet" our designated posters, but at least that would, presumably, only have to be done once per poster. I can think of a couple of individuals right off the bat who would get my vote. Anyway, just a thought to consider.
  7. I've been discussing similar issues with Jeff over on the support forum in the thread "Posting approval." You've touched on an important thing to think about: Potentially valuable contributions to the forum could be discouraged by this process. I'm concerned because when a post is disapproved, the author of the rejected post is never informed about it and, just as important, is never informed why it was rejected. If someone's post is disapproved but they are not informed as to the reason why, how would they know what to avoid doing in the future? The problem might be with how they are wording something; or, on the other hand, it could be with the actual content of their response. Either way, leaving them in the dark will just cause them to keep doing the same thing over and over again. It could even discourage members from posting responses because they can never be sure whether they are writing something unacceptable and, therefore, if their post will even appear. That's a big deterrent if the post requires time, careful thought and clear writing. Some questions on this board require that kind of response, but why bother doing that work if you don't know whether your post will even show up?

    I understand the need for control over a board like the Answers board, and I'm all for it. At the same time, though, I really think that up-front communication with posters is vital to the success of such an undertaking.


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