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  1. CFS on YouTube

    CFS on YouTube

    I have made a group for CFS on YouTube. It's a part of the small expansion plan I have for our community. Join the group and share some videos there. You can also make a video invitation for CFS and share it with your friends. I'll select some videos and promote them in the future.

    Join the Christian Forum Site Group on YouTube:
    View CFS profile on YouTube:

  2. awesome :D

    it will be a Group i'll join for sure!
  3. Thanks guys.

    And if some of you could make a nice video of how CFS has helped you, or your testimonies etc, I'll be promote it through CFS's MySpace Profile page that I'm working on. The MySpace page will be opened in two weeks time or may be earlier.
  4. I will, I will!!! :dance:
    When I comb my hair and change out of my PJ's! :D

  5. Violet, you don't have to do all that to look good. :p
  6. lol:funnypost:

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