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  1. For Tapatalk users, CFS can now be accessed via this app too. More details on their website:

    Here's a video description:
  2. By the way, the latest version Tapatalk 4 beta is free to try on Android. It may contain some bugs so beware.
  3. Awesome, I have been using tapatalk for a couple years now. Glad to hear that I can use it with this forum now!
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  4. I read somewhere that some people only visit forums via their mobile phone in which case Tapatalk could be a great tool for webmasters to attract more members. I however have disabled sign ups via Tapatalk because all we get is a username and password and no other details. It's good to get some information about a new member in order to keep out spam and trouble makers.
  5. Thanks Jeff. I'm a big Tapatalk user and I'll definitely be visiting more often.
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  6. This is great news Tapatalk awesome...But they charged me for it on Android when I signed up :(

  7. Really. I downloaded their new beta version for free via Google Play. So far I had no issues with it. I also heard they would make it paid once it is out of beta and merge it with Tapatalk HD. If you are installing it for the first time, I would suggest you to try the beta first just to get to know the app.

    By the way if you are not happy with a purchase, certain app developers offer refund. I am not sure if that is the case with Tapatalk since I haven't bought anything from them yet.
  8. yeah, I just looked for the beta and got it for free, but before this beta came out I believe I paid a dollar
  9. Not working for me today
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  10. Tried to get on from Tapatalk today and it said the admin of this site has blocked access or something along those lines
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  11. Since the upgrade of the forum software, Tapatalk had been giving errors so I decided to temporarily disable it till Tapatalk releases a compatible version for us. Some of us webmaster have already notified them and they told us they will be releasing a new version soon. Until then, this and some other forums won't be accessible via their app.
  12. have you looked into topify? Its a free forum app, seems to work pretty good. I also use it with some forums I am apart of
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  13. I've heard of it but I thought I will wait till I read some good reviews. So far I have read both good and bad.
  14. Using it now and liking it so far. Not perfect though because I can't see the categories.
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  15. I need to use a big keyboard because my fingers are too big for the dinky gadgets...
  16. I kind of fear it wouldn't work for me even if I tried hard... Blessings.
  17. Sorry for the delayed response. Tapatalk released their stable version today for our forums. It should be working now. If not let me know. Thanks.
  18. i have it working since yesterday. very nice especially that its only 0.99$ for a week. so hurry up guys! after that its 4.99
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