CFS is growing :)

Discussion in 'Site Showcase' started by Jeffin, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Since we moved to the new software, I saw a huge decline in activity. It's because I wasn't able to redirect old urls to the new ones due to time and financial constraints. But in the past few months, its getting back to the level we had and climbing higher which is good. More people coming to CFS means more people are blessed and more effective this site is becoming. Praise God!

    Below is the Google Analytics stats for the past few months.

  2. I'd like to encourage you to get your friends and family to register at our website so they can also enjoy the fellowship here while they accessing the internet. Through CFS, God has been able to help many Christians (including me) to grow in wisdom and faith.
  3. When I was flicking over the site and thinking of registering, I was struck with how intuative the forum format was. Never seen this engine before (XenForo) and its really easy to use and fast too with some funky features.

    Your doing a great job Jeff. I've noticed new members signing up pretty much everyday.

    I brought a couple of friends over with me. [​IMG]

    God bless you for your efforts sir.

  4. I like it!
  5. Awesome! The new design is awesome and I know the forums will continue to grow!
  6. I was also looking for a forum community, and had never seen the XenForo before. Having said that I did not make the decision solely on that but also on the fact that the members for the most part are great. But XenForo is my favorite forum software now, taking over the old great Vbulletin.

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