CFS has been registered as non-profit

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  1. CFS has been registered as non-profit

    Christian Forum Site has been registered as non-profit (trust) with a registered office in India. All revenue generated will go towards website expenses (hosting, license fees, renewals/upgrades, repairs etc) and/or gospel work in India. My position is that of a full-time managing trustee. I'll do my best to continue supporting this ministry.
  2. Is there some way that we can also donate and get a tax reciept for income tax purposes ?
  3. I'll going to a bank tomorrow to discuss about opening a bank account for CFS.

    I have a few questions regarding foreign contribution and tax benefits etc which I need to ask them. If you can think of more questions, post them here and I'll those to them.

    Also how would you all (those who are willing to donate) prefer donating? Via cheque, paypal or any others?
  4. Probably it would be easier for you by paypal .
  5. Yes but I am thinking of supporting missionaries in India via CFS (in a very small way) in which case payment via bank would be preferred. Anyway, these are somethings in my mind. Lets how it works out. :)

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