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  1. I am creating community supporter program for member who wish to support this site continue what its doing and more. I am having difficulty to bear the monthly expenses so I'll let others contribute. CFS operates as non-profit and nothing will be taken out except for ministry purposes.

    To become a supporter, you should commit to $10 every month. It can be canceled anytime.

    Visit the Account Upgrade link for more information. :) Thanks a lot.

  2. This is a test account to demonstrate how a supporter username will look like. It has a yellow star besides the name. -Jeff
  3. Sweet dealio! :)
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  4. It's about time my brother from another mother from down under!!! i have been asking for a long time if CFS needed donations. I'm IN!!! It will also give a small title to a member who is supporting us making him/her feel a bit of responsibility to the site. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS.

    Chili payin out.
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  5. Thanks to you all Really! I am trying to get companies to advertise on cfs buts its not working. My plans to fund about 1/3 or 1/4 expense via member supporters and the rest by banner ads and me. I am trusting in God to help. You guys are awesome and I feel slightly bad getting you to do more. I see cfs as an oppurtunity to reach Christians with the truth and help them grow and to share the Gospel with non-Christians. Give only if you believe this will help others and with a cheerful heart. :D
  6. I have all ways wanted to contribute to the site there was just no way. Now there is :)
  7. I will pray about it and see what God wants me to do. If I do donate, it may not be too much. :/ Since I am a college student and won't have much money during the semester!
  8. I got ya covered Xspin ") don't worry bout it. I'll just sell a couple of my chili's and your IN LOL

    Chili out
  9. Its hard especially as a student. No pressure at all. I hope this doesn't put pressure on anyone. It's an option when you are able to. :)
  10. It's no pressure Jeff. If who are willing to contribute to CFS you will not carry the burden. ,,,,,,,,,,,,Like in my flight sims........say warclouds server. the community put's in and the server go's on. i will send you a link to warclouds so you can see the format in your PM
  11. No pressure :)
    but it may just be 2 dollars a month or something like that. i know it's not much :)
  12. 0.01 dollar with the right heart is worth millions. :D Do only when you are able to.
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