Central Mid-West Ice Storm

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  1. Central Mid-West Ice Storm

    On Thursday, November 30, 2006, a strong frontal zone moved across Missouri, western Kentucky and southern Illinois and left, in it's wake, a record ice storm which has left hundreds of thousands of families without power or heat in their homes. One full week after this deadly event, many thousands in Missouri are still without power and there have been reports of persons dying as the result of carbon monoxide poisoning from improperly used heat sources and gasoline powered generators.

    If any members here in or around the affected area have first hand reports or have heard from family or friends in the affected areas, please let us know how things are going...

    We are praying for those families who have been affected by this storm.
  2. We just received word that the last of the electric customers in Missouri who have been without power since the November 30 ice storm are finally back on the power grid. With yet another early winter storm heading into that same area by mid week, we are hoping that this next one is just a snow and rain event - NOT ice.

    For those members and readers who reside in Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas,Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin and Ohio, please keep up to date locally on this approaching storm. It has potential to provide significant rain in some areas and heavy snow in others. Take care and be safe.

    Pastor Gary

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