CD not reading. Help

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  1. CD not reading. Help

    I am running Win XP. My computer has two CD drives. One just reads the other reads and writes.
    I am finding that recenty some CD's just do not register at all. I insert them into the drive. The led flashes for about 20 seconds then nothing. If I go to My Computer it shows nothing in the drive at all.
    By way of example. Today I upgraded my Cell phone to a Nokia 6110 Navigator. The Nokia CD loaded perfectly but the maps CD from just will not register with either drive.
    This has also happened with a few other CD's recently.
    Any ideas?
  2. maybe you need a third .
  3. Ray some basic questions- are these cd's dirty or scratched? You can go to the start bar then right click on my computer- select properties- click on hardware then device manager- then dvd/cd rom drives- select one drive at a time and right click on it - select properties- Windows should tell you if your drive is working properly. There is also the possibility that your laser could need cleaning they sell cheap cd lens cleaner discs- if none of that helps try system restore to an earlier time or try downloading new drivers for your dvd/cd rom drives. Let me know if any of this helps.
  4. Thanks Larry. No they are not scratched in fact the one is brand new toady. I have done a driver update and it says I have the latest drivers. Windows says the drive is working properly.
    But it could easily be a dirty lens so I will get a lens cleaner tomorrow and see if that helps. Good suggestion. Thank you.
  5. You can still consider a system restore to the time before your trouble started. It is rare but sometimes a download or update can cause a software conflict with Windows drivers.
  6. Worth a try. I will give it a go.
  7. One thing that many users forget is that there is a LASER in those drives. If the lens on the end of the laser is contaminated with dust, etc., the effectiveness of that system may be compromised. I open the case on all 4 of mine and use a very soft mini-paintbrush to wisk away any lens contaminants. That always brings optimum operation back, BUT USE CARE!!! Do not force the laser transport system or bracket into any position other than where it is at the 'rest' position and DO NOT apply much pressure on it vertically. Just a gentle sweeping motion is all that is required. DO NOT use solvents, cleaners or other chemicals. If contamination is significant, a SMALL amount of rubbing alcohol on the very tip of the paintbrush will help. Let it AIR DRY.
  8. Pastor Gary they have discs with small brushes built in to clean those- it is easier than taking them apart.
  9. I hope this reaches you in time!

    If your CD drive isn't reading all disks, and your other reads them perfectly, it is definitely NOT your operating system.

    Try cleaning the CD as suggested above. At Wal-Mart or any electronics store you can find a CD Drive cleaning kit. It comes with a funky CD that you put in the drive to clean it, and works pretty well.

    If that doesn't work, it's likely that your CD drive is just breaking. The good news is, a replacement CD drive is relatively inexpensive, and easy to install. If you decide to go this route, post here and I'll be happy to help you install it as best I can.

    Good luck!
  10. Lens cleaner seems to have sorted it. Thanks everyone.
  11. Nice to hear that it was the mechanical dust situation that affects these drives the most radther than an electronic glitch. Quick fix, but I still prefer to do it myself so it can be visually inspected rather than relying on a disc cleaning system to get the debris out. That may work on some lenses, but those with the small rim on the laser lens doesn't allow the cleaning media from a commercial cleaning disc to get to the outer edge of the lens and some debris remains. Manually cleaning the lens gets all of the debris.

    In any event, glad that things are resolved. :)
  12. I had this happen on my laptop once and I tried everything. Every...thing. Cleaning the drive, cleaning the disks, virus scans, playing with the slave/master settings, whew!

    Eventually, what I wound up doing was uninstalling the drive completely and then shutting down the system.

    When the computer came back online, it saw the drive as new hardware, and then reinstalled it.

    Worked fine.:D
  13. I have had software issues cause this problem but it is generally a dirty lens.

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