Cavemans Diet Results 2009

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  1. Cavemans Diet Results 2009

    Hi everyone,

    I thought I would post my main plans for 2009. The 1st is to read the bible as much as possible and attend church as much as possible.

    The 2nd one is that I want to lose weight. I have tried many times before but when I was praying I made a promise to God that I would do it. I also promised to my wife Penny that I would do it as well. Each week I am going to post how much I weigh and I would love for you guys to support me and even join me on my weight loss journey.

    I weighed myself on the 15/1/09 and I was 119.7 kg. I will weigh myself each week and post my results here. The promise I made to God was that I will get under 100 kg.

    Although this is only my 2nd day I am confident and feel really good about this. Knowing that God is with me for every step helps me and encourages me to do this. I have made a promise to the Lord and I am totally committed to it! :)

    I started at 119.7 kgs and now I am at 116.4 kgs with a LOSS of 3.3 kgs! :) It is a great start but there is a long way to go. :groupray:

    I started at 116.4 kgs and now I am at 116.0 kgs with a LOSS of 0.4 kgs! A bit disappointing as I exercised my butt off but there is a long way to go. I must admit that I didnt eat as good as I could have and that will improve this week! :groupray:
  4. Hey, you can do it. Some weeks will be better than others. Some weeks you may gain a little bit, but that’s ok, as long as you don’t give up. If you don’t give up, you’ll never fail. :)

    And on the lighter side…
    I know a way you can lose 25pounds/11.4 kgs in 30 days…
    Marine Corp boot camp.
    That’s what happened to me years ago.
    I was 232 pounds/105 kgs, and they started taking it off me right away.
    Of course if you’ve got other plans for the next 4 years… I wouldn’t recommend it. :D

    And once it’s off, you can keep it off. After all was said and done, I lost 37 pounds/ 16.8 kgs and I’ve stayed there for the last 22 years.
    I still fit in my uniform, but the jacket is a little tight around the mid section.
    For some reason my chest has dropped about 8 inches.
    And the hair on my head is moving to my ears and back. :eek:

    (don‘t even tell me God doesn‘t have a sense of humor)
  5. LOL! Thanks for the advice but I dont think I will join the marine core boot camp. I have just spent 4 years at university and just qualified as a teacher. My wife would kill me if I did something else for another 4 years!!! :D

    I will be patient as it is not just about the weight dropping off (although that is nice) but it is also about a lifestyle change and if I can do that the weight will take care of itself!
  6. Good for you Brad ...I am just waiting to get into a proper diet clinic that is paid by my insurance but the list is long .

    Meanwhile I have been eating salads ... going to the gym three times a week but nothing is happening so am waiting to get into this clinic to be monitored by a doctor .

    Keep up the good work and give us your progress .... Yay !!!
  7. I have a friend who is trying to “gain” weight.
    They finally sent him to see a nutritionist. She told him to write down everything he ate for 2 weeks and come back to see him.
    He went back and gave her the notebook he wrote everything down in.
    She started reading everything he ate and here is how the conversation went.

    Nutritionist:....."You %&*#$%@&*"

    My friend:.......“Excuse me?”

    Nutritionist:.....“If I ate like this, I would weigh 500 pounds."

    My friend:.......“Actually, I lost two pounds”

    Nutritionist:....."You %&*#$%@&*"

  8. Goood to hear that your doing well BRAD but be sure to translate your kg if you can into numbers that us here in the USA can understand too. Please do that for me ...

    As for myself I am very pleased ... I have lots 3 pounds for the month !!! So, tomorrow is a new month and new pounds to loose so are you with me to help me reach my goal ? I am there for you ... so do come and help me out too !!!

  9. So it seems that Canada , U. K. Australia and N. Z. are on metric .... Hmmm that is interesting .
  10. Hey O.M I am always there for you and I know you will be able to reach your goal! Just stay committed and stay strong and you will get there! :)
  11. :groupray: :groupray: :groupray:

  12. [​IMG]

    I have the faith that you can do this :) I just know it! :D And, I'm here to support you al lthe way! :cool:
  13. friend you are doing great!!
    The LORD is with u and u have a lot on the line! :) yo9ur promise, which was an awesome idea and your health, i am so happy that you are doing great and I have faith that u will achieve ur goal!!!

    I started at 116.0 kgs and now I am at 113.7 kgs with a LOSS of 2.3 kgs! :)

    My total weight loss in 3 weeks is 6.0 kgs or 13.2 pounds!

    So far so good!
  15. That is real good.

    You are kicking some flab butt. :dance:

    (not necessarily to be taken literally) :D

    I started at 113.7 kgs and now I am at 112.2 kgs with a LOSS of 1.5 kgs!

    My total weight loss in 4 weeks is 7.5 kgs! :)
  17. Congratulations .... You go .... brother .:cool::D:)
  18. No, Dusty not all of the UK is metric - Those of us who have a long life experience (see posts on growing old) still use feet and inches, pounds and ounces. Going round the supermarket is a real mental exercise when checking prices.

    God bless.

  19. Hey… that’s more weight than a pro bowlers bowling ball.
    More weight than two gallons of water.
    More weight than two average new born babies. (you didn‘t have twins, did you?) :D
    And now just imagine 66 sticks of butter on your dinning room table.
    That’s what 7.5 kgs looks like.


    That’s what you aren’t carrying around with you any more.
    I bet you’re feeling better without the extra weight.
    Keep up the good work.
    We’re all proud of you.

    I started at 112.2 kgs and now I am at 111.2 kgs with a LOSS of 1.0 kgs!

    My total weight loss in 5 weeks is 8.5 kgs! :)

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