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  1. Hello everyone,

    I want to make this thread as a particular safe haven for those who express adherence or sympathy to the Catholic/Orthodox Faiths. I myself am not a Catholic but I believe Catholics are just as much Christians as the rest of us, and I want a place here without anti-catholic sentiment. If you have anti-catholic beliefs please do not post them here and do not antagonize others into defending their faith.

    There is no necessary subject to discuss, but I thought we could start with Theistic Evolution. From my experience more traditional faiths (Catholic/Orthodox) are more open to creative interpretation of Genesis so I wanted to know your thoughts and/or why you don't like Theistic Evolution.
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  2. I am here and very glad to take part and be part of a positive discussion. Thanks!
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  3. Although I'm not really too well versed in theistic evolution...
  4. You do know this is a Christian forum right? When you say "anti-catholic beliefs" Are you referring to anti Bible beliefs? Everything done on this Forum is based solely on the Word of God, and without that you have only speculations and theories that do absolutely nothing for those seeking truth.
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  5. I'm here, too!
  6. I would say that the main tenant is that God created evolution, or that He created humanity through evolution, or using evolution. But, we all still have souls.
  7. Thank you for your concerns, as I said before, you are entitled to your opinion, but I request you do not share it here. This is a Catholic and Catholic-friendly thread.
  8. Thank you Euphemia and I would politely ask you to not post here anymore, you've made you feelings on Catholicism very clear in the past.
  9. I don't plan on it. Just pulling your chain. But I am allowed to if I wish.
  10. How can you ask someone to refrain from speaking the truth when untruth is being brought forth? We have no choice but to defend truth when it is being spoken of in unrighteousness!
  11. But it is not a Catholic Forum. If it was a special Catholic only forum, I could definitely understand you trying to keep people out. Maybe if you requested the moderators or an admin to make up a closed forum?
  12. I think they're just asking to be respectful and not bash Catholics. I'm not Catholic, but it seems like a very reasonable request.
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  13. Brother, we are not wrestling against flesh and blood, but principalities, and powers, and wicked spirits in the heavenly realm. Its not people but beliefs that come from these.
  14. Clearly we are off on the wrong foot already when someone has already said something hateful - anti-Catholic beliefs are not anti-Bible beliefs, let's get that clear right now. Catholics codified the Bible and use the Bible and love the Bible. This is exactly the kind of thing we are hopeful to avoid in this thread.
  15. That is funny, I was raised Roman Catholic, and not one time in all the years did I see anyone bring a Bible to Church!!!!
    I wonder why?
  16. And so the discussions and disagreements begin, this is how it all starts.
    But since you're so interested, you're not supposed to bring a Bible to church, you're supposed to be paying attention to the lessons and the sermon. All the relevant Bible quotes for the day are there in bulletins and relevant places. There is a Bible at the altar if you really need one.
  17. All you have is an opinion, all right? Your opinion that Catholicism isn't the truth is noted, but we're here to discuss what we BELIEVE to be the truth and you're not helping by injecting an unwelcome opinion into our discussion. Do it on other threads, we DON'T WANT that here. This isn't the place for fundamentalist proselytizing.
  18. No. We are to bring our bibles to church so we can learn and follow along in the word. active learning requires us to read for ourselves what the bible says, and to follow along and take notes because you are there to hear what God is speaking to you personally. With your pen and notebook poised and at the ready, Holy Spirit will speak!

    Romans 10:17 (Message)
    The point is: Before you trust, you have to listen. But unless Christ’s Word is preached, there’s nothing to listen to.
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  19. You DO NOT NEED to do that. Scripture lessons for the week are printed out and distributed in the weekly bulletin.

  20. Yeah, we really do need to be doing that. It's good to have the bible with us so we can highlight it or write something that God is saying to us, personally.
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