Catch a squirrel

Discussion in 'Humor' started by GodSpeaks, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. Catch a squirrel

    What is the best way to catch a squirrel?

    (Climb a tree and act like a nut)
  2. Ha ha ..... no problem .... I can do that.... LOL
  3. There are probably several that would find that rather normal for them LOL
  4. I'm a nut, but I can't climb a tree........LOL

  5. I'm the nut that fell off the tree ! :smiley90:
  6. How do you catch a unique squirrel?
  7. How?
  8. I don't know .... I'll bite
  9. Watch out people! She bites! :smiley80:

  10. Ha ha ....
  11. You're gonna GROAN at this!!!!

    You NEEK up on it!

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