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  1. Cats are funny. Love em'. I prefer dogs personally though... They love you unconditionally. With cats, you have to 'earn' their love. They can be tough to deal with... And when you pet them, you have to pet them constantly or they won't be happy. Arg... Who else's hand gets tired?
  2. Those are great names, Dusty. If I ever have problems with names then I know where to come.

    And oh... I remember cheetos. From the junk food commercials... The orange tiger.
  3. He he .... That is so true . Dusty is like that she never seems to get enough attention . I am embarrassed sometimes when people come over cause she just will not leave them alone.

  4. He he ..... You didn't know that ? I'm not very creative .... Ha ha
  5. I've never really had to 'earn' a cat's love. Not unless the cat was abused. Both of my cats, Cheetos, and our new kitten Midori - a.k.a. Mimi - both loved us from the moment we brought them in the house. Midori was a bit more cautious because she was an ex-stray kitten, but once she realized we weren't going to hurt her, she started biting our toes and making us let her sleep in our laps - especially mine. In actuality, most animals are willing to love their companions unconditionally. I've seen this a lot in horses - one of the most loving but misunderstood creatures. I remember one horse I fell off of, he stopped right when I landed on the ground and waited till I got up, and then looked at me as if to say, 'Are you okay?'. And then, he wouldn't go near the turn where I fell because he didn't want me to fall off again. That was really sweet.
  6. Cool. Horses are great. I rode a horse once about 10 years ago. Not a big fan of riding them. Lol. I'd rather watch somebody else ride one.
  7. Horses are wonderful, aren't they? :) I love riding, more for that connection that you get...y'know? I haven't ridden in some time because it's kind of dwindling in our area, and I don't have my own horse...:(

  8. Oh, and yeah - dogs are awesome. I've had several. :) I want another a Doberman (they're beautiful!), but my grandpa's not too fond of big dogs...
    I love everything except spiders and millipedes. Ugh. Disgusting. :(
  9. I'm ok when it's slow but when that particular horse I was on was galloping fast.......maybe it was so happy, I got frightened. I wasn't making it to run. LOL. My friend noticed it, too, but her horse wasn't doing what mine was. We were traveling on sand.
  10. The only time I've ever been on a horse was at camp. And that was over 10 years ago. We live in the city, and not in the country so we can't suppport our own horses nor do we have the kind of money to buy any anyways.

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